How to Create Quick and Easy Conversational Forms in WordPress

We all know web forms (ie) the forms which are used online .Some users will ask what is conversational forms?
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  • In the past 25 years of online field , web forms plays an important rule. Whether it is a  simple contact us page in a website (or) in big  ecommerce sites like Amazon (or) Ebay , the forms were used. Forms are used, still we are using and will be used until the internet lives. 
  • Some may say forms are dead, the truth  it is not dead , it is evolving according to the new technology developments. 
  • Conversational Forms are good example for the advancement in webforms. The UI (User Interface) and UX ( User Experience ) in these forms are developed in a way which makes the website visitor to interact more because he feels that  he is not filling the form and he is satisfied to enter his data in the form .
  • The reason is he is feeling and giving his details to another trustable  person (or) real people .The questions are asked based on previous details provided in the form .And so the forms are called Conversational Forms.

In conversational forms visitors are seeing only one data at a time and so more interaction and satisfaction. Finally increase in completion rate in conversational forms.    
See a sample Conversational Forms in an animated gif below

We already know that 32% of the websites running in wordpress. In Wordpress we can use Plugins which is a small software and it can perform unique and advanced actions .When your default/premium themes is not enough to do some important tasks ,plugins is the best solution for this. And if you are checking Conversational Forms in Wordpress , you are in the right place.
  • WPForms recently released and it is the first true interactive form layout built exclusively for WordPress.  Conversational forms available as Add-on in the WPForms Pro and Elite paid version.

WPForms have advanced functionalities and also a  smart form builder. As of 2019, WPForms has 1+ Million installations and has the rating 4.9 out of 5.

How to install Conversational Forms Addon?
First you need to install and activate WPForms (You need to buy WPForms Pro and Elite paid version to use Conversational Forms Addon)

  • Next You need to find Conversational Forms Addon. At the Addons screen, simply click on the Install Addon button located in each addon. If you see Active status then you are ready to use that Add-on.
  • Next it is important to note that you have created atleast one form.
  • Now in that form Click Settings. And here you can see Conversations Forms.
  • Next Tick the Check Box “Enable Conversational Form Mode”. 

  • Now you can able to see further extra options.
  • In the Next Step we need to Set Conversational Form Title and Message. The size of the Conversation Form Title will look large in size and it appears in top of the page. Message is nothing but additional information about the form and it is optional.

  • In the conversational forms page the Conversation Form Title and Message will be displayed above the form.

  • If you want to see the form how it is showing actually, first you need to save the form. And now  use the Preview Conversational Form button which is blue in colour.

Set your desired colour scheme in Conversation Form Addon:
In the conversational form we can able to change colours in Text, Background Page , Start and Submit Buttons.
You can use custom colour to choose your desired colour(colour picker option available).or else you can choose a colour scheme.
Header Logo option in Conversation Addon:
It is completely optional. Above the Conversation Form Title , the header logo will be displayed. Preview will be shown automatically Whenever the image is uploaded.
·        Maximum Logo Height for Good Look: 125 pixels
·        Maximum Logo Width for Good Look: 800 pixels

Hide WPForms Branding in Conversation Addon:
WPForms Logo will be displayed in the form footer by default. You can hide the logo with a tick in the checkbox of “Hide WPForms Branding”.
Set Progress Bar:
In your conversational form’s footer, users will be able to see their progress within the form. You can choose to display this progress in Percentage or Proportion format.

The Percentage format will display, for example, as “28% completed”:
Whereas the Proportion format will display the number of fields. For example, “2 of 7 completed”:
Short URL means more easy to remember and looks neat and understandable meaning to the users. Here comes the permalink where you can set short and neat link   for the conversation form URL. Only one think you need to keep in mind is set unique conversation form URL

Some of the below points given by WPForms was shared here for better understanding.
How do I navigate through these forms with a keyboard? Conversational Forms can be navigated with a mouse and/or keyboard, but one of their unique features is the option to fill out forms 100% with a keyboard if you’d like. Here are the keys you can use for various actions: Move to Next Field: Enter keyMove to Next Sub-Field: Either down arrow or tab key (for example, when moving from First Name to Last Name sub-fields)Move to Previous Field: Up arrowSelect Checkboxes/Multiple Choice Field Options: Letter keys indicated in field optionsSelect Dropdown Option: There are a couple of ways to interact with Dropdown fieldsStart typing to search and display matching optionsPress down arrow to move through available optionsSelect Rating/Likert Field Options: Number keys indicated in field optionsCreate New Line in Paragraph Text Field: Tap Shift and Enter keys at the same time

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