WPForms vs Wufoo (2018) Side–by–Side Review in wordpress

  • Forms and Chats are one of the main giants ,when we need to contact / asking support in a website.
  • While Chats are leading quick supporter to the customer in online mode, Forms are leading supporter to customer when chat went to offline mode .
  • When we come to website there are 32% of users are using wordpress.
  • So if you have a wordpress website your one of the page will have contact form.
  • Creating a form will be easier when you have Form builders.
  • And here we are considering the form builders WPForms and Wufoo.
  • Update 2020 (November): WPForms black fridays and Cyber Monday deals 2020 goes live. 

An introduction: WPForms vs Wufoo

WPForms is a WordPress Contact Form Plugin which  have 1+ million happy users with 4.9 star as average rating . WPForms is  100% mobile responsive.So you don’t need to worry about responsiveness.
Wufoo is an internet application which helps to create forms online.Wufoo was later acquired by Survey Monkey in 2011.

What are the things to be considered before using Form Builder in Wordpress

  • Plugin Compatibility – In Wordpress a plugin must be updated when Wordpress releases a new version.Otherwise it will lead to compatibility issues
  • Price – A user will look more into this because his investment should be valuable . A user not only looks for cheap price of a product but also looks for reasonable price if it have worth features.
  • Easy to handle Dashboard – A user will have good experience based on the design of dashboard.The forms can be created in multiple ways like for survey , for an event and so on.The Multiple forms can be handled efficiently using the account management.
  • Features – Advanced functionality features will minimize the work of user . Whether submit button (or) Payment Receiving every features must be considered before buying the forms.
  • Support –  While using forms, if a user face a problem then this department is the most wanted.So do well research how the support was made in the past by the online form providers.
  • Integrations - We also need to check whether the forms can be easily integrated with email service providers like mailchimp, constant contact & so on.

WPForms Vs Wufoo – Plugin Compatibility

  • WPForms is a WordPress Contact Form Plugin which has smart Drag and Drop form builder.It has updated with the latest wordpress releases.
  • Wufoo is also an online form builder where you can use for any site in an embedded form.Wufoo has a wordpress plugin but it was not updated for the last 3 wordpress releases.
Now from the above line you can easily guess which is best.

WPForms Vs Wufoo – Price

  • WPForms has Free Lite Version Wordpress Plugin and Wufoo has a free plan .
  • WPForms have 4 annual plans which are
    Basic - sometimes $39.50/ year  for new user (normally $79)
    Plus - sometimes $99.50/ year for new user   (normally $199)
    Pro - sometimes $199.50/ year for new user   (normally $399)
    Elite- sometimes $299.50/ year for new user   (normally $599)
  • Wufoo forms have monthly and annual plans.Let we see the annual plans which has 4 types.
Starter - $169.00
Professional - $349
Advanced - $889
Ultimate - $2199
Best: WPForms

WPForms Vs Wufoo – Dashboard

  • WPForms has the smart and best drag and drop builder.You can just drag the required fields to add it to the form or just make a click. Additional to this you can change the order of field just by dragging.
  • Wufoo has also same facility like we can drag the required fields to add it to the form or just make a click. Like WPForms we can change the order of field just by dragging.
From my usage i noted Wufoo tooks some loading while deleting form.This is from my experience. I don’t know  why it is happening anyway wufoo forms still has the decent dashboard facility and wins our hearts.
Best: WPForms and Wufoo

WPForms Vs Wufoo – Features

  • Conditional Logics – A Smart Feature
It is one of the smart feature in WPForms.Consider the following needs (just an sample) in a form.
A drop down has 2 options Student and Class .If the user choose Student next it will automatically display to enter first name field and last name field.Suppose if the user choose Class next it will automatically display to enter Class name & it’s section. These things can be done using conditional logics.
  • Unlimited size file upload in all plans
  • Whatever you are doing in WPForms it can be viewed within Wordpress Dashboard.For example form entries can be viewed within wordpress dashboard.
  • Unlimited entries
  • WPForms can easily findout  spam submissions.WPForms uses the honeypot and smart captcha technology. reCAPTCHA can also be used.
Wufoo Forms:
  • We can also create condition logics in Wufoo forms.
  • File Upload Size differs from one plan to another plan and also not unlimited in three plans.
  • Whatever you are doing in Wufoo it cannot be viewed in Wordpress Dashboard. Except embedding code in a site all other things can be viewed only by logging in to Wufoo account.
  • Limited Entries .Maximum entry is 200,000 in Ultimate Plan which is $2199 per year.

WPForms Vs Wufoo – Support

  • WPForms has two support options.
  • Basic question:This support is for the pre-sales question or general question about WPForms site / service works.
  • Technical question:WPforms customer can use this option to get quick reply which is a ticketing system.
  • Additional to this they have resources page which is similar to help and docs section.

Wufoo Forms:
  • Wufoo Forms has Help & Docs Section where the user can check themselves for their doubts.
  • Wufoo Forms has a Contact Page where you can enquire your doubts.
Best:WPForms & Wufoo Forms

WPForms Vs Wufoo – Integration

  • WPForms has two gateways Paypal and Stripe.
  • WPForms is has the  Zapier addon which can integrate to 500 web apps which includes google calender , asana and so on.
  • WPForms can be integrated with emaail service providers .They are Aweber , Campaign Monitor , Constant Contact , Drip , Getresponse and mailchimp.
  • Wufoo has 12 payment gateways.
  • Wufoo has can be integrated upto 9 email and saas service providers which includes salesforce.
While considering Wordpress website WPForms is recommended and for other type of sites Wufoo is recommended.

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