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How To Create A Signature Form In 3 Simple Steps

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Hi friends in this article we are going to see How To Create A Signature Form In 3 Simple Steps

Sometimes we need to arrange meetings with partners only for signing purpose . Here comes the electronic signatures / digital signatures as one of the option in forms which can be a solution for this issue. 

Where we can use Signature forms?

1.Online Petitions
2.Registration Forms
3.Non-disclosure agreements
4.Human resource forms
5.Application Forms
6.Contract Forms
7.Service Agreement

How to create a Signature Form in Wordpress Websites?

As we know 32 % of the websites using Wordpress let we see how to create signature form in wordpress websites. With the help of WPForms we can create Signature Forms in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Create Signature Form using Signature Addon in WPForms

Let we see the steps onebyone

First you should install WPForms ( Besure you have WPForms Pro because it has all features.).
Check the below video how to install WPForms Pro Plan.

Next you have to install and activate the Signature Addon .
For that goto WPForms and click Addons .

Find Signature Addon and install it.
Next be sure Signature Addon was activated .

Next create a form according to your needs.Here i have created Simple Contact Form.

In the field options of the contact form click the Fancy Fields Dropdown Menu.

Next Click Signature in the fancy field

You can see the signature field was added successfully in the preview

Step 2: Copy Shortcode of Signature Form

Now click the embed button. Be sure you have saved the form because then only the changes made in the form will be updated..

Now copy the shortcode.

Step 3: Paste Shortcode in Posts/Pages/Widgets

Goto your Posts/pages/widgets where you want to display the form.Here i am using sample Page.

Finally Publish it.

Next let we see the page and also let we check the signature option.

That's all friends Thank you.
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