WPForms review: smart form builder with advanced functionality

  • A website needs a form to let visitors for contacting you.
  • Forms are not only for the above thing but also to collect email address , to collect payments and donations also as a newsletter signup form , as a feed back form and more.
  • If you have a wordpress website you can use form builder plugins.
  • But if you consider a smart form builder with advanced functionalities , then WPForms is the right choice for you.
  • Update 2020 (November): WPForms black fridays and Cyber Monday deals 2020 goes live. 

  • WPForms have 1+ million happy users with 4.9 star as average rating .

  • So,First Install and Activate the WPForms wordpress plugin.Next you can start to create new forms.Full Guide link is also given by WPForms.
  • As we saw earlier WPForms have 4.9 star in average ratings , it is because of its features only.
  • WPForms has easy to use drag and drop builder.You can drag the required fields or just make a click. Additional to this you can change the order of field just by dragging.
  • WPForms is  100% mobile responsive.So you don’t need to worry about design.
  • WPForms have five options.
2.Fields ,

  • Lot of premade templates available. Some of the free premade templates are Newsletter SignUP Form,Suggestion Form, Simple Contact Form , Blank Form.
  • You can also buy Premade templates (80 + templates) which helps to save your time by building from scratch. I want to list them. They are
1.Address book Form
2.Alumni Donation Form
3.Auction Item Registration Form
4.Automobile Information Form
5.Avon Order Form
6.Baseball League Registration Form
7.Basic Mortgage Application Form
8.Birthday Party Invitation RSVP Form
9.Bug Tracker Form
10.Call for Proposals Form
11.Camp Registration Form
12.Cancellation Survey Form
13.Change Request Form
14.Check Request Form
15.Church Donation Fowm
16.Chutch Membership Form
17.College Application Form
18.Complaint Form
19.Conference Registration Form
20.Content Download Form
21.Contest Entry Form
22.Diet Log Form
23.Dinner Reservation Foxm
24.Emergency Contact Form
25.Employee Incident Report Form
26.Employee Information Form
27.Employee Referral Form
28.Employee Termination Fonn
29.Enrollment Form
30.Equipment Checkout Form
31.Event Feedback Form
32.Event Planner Form
33.Exercise Log Form
34.Family Reunion Registration Form
35.File Upload Form
36.Fitness Interest Form
37.Football League Registration Form
38.Fundraiser Registration Form
39.Gaming Tournament Registration
40.General Donation Form
41.Gift Card Order Form
42.IT Service Request Form
43.Job Application Upload Form
44.Lecture Notes Form
45.Lesson Plan Form
46.Maintenance Request Form
47.Meeting Room Registration Form
48.Movie Collection Form
49.Music Collection Form
50.Neighborhood Events Questionnaire Form
51.Neighborhood Feedback Form
52.New Years Party RSVP Form
53.Newspaper Subscription Form
54.Online Event Registration Form
55.Online Proposal Form
56.Online Race Registration Fovm
57.Parental Consent Form
58.Partnership Agreement Form
59.Party Invitation RSVP Form
60.Performance Improvement Plan
61.Personal Trainer Sign-Up Form
62.Pledge Drive Form
63.Potluck Invitation RSVP Form
64.Prayer Request Form
65.Race Registration Form
66.Recipe Catalog Form
67.Rent Receipt Form
68.Retreat Registration Form
69.School ID Registration Form
70.Simple RSVP Form
71.Ski Lodge Registration Form
72.Sponsorship Request Form
73.Summer Camp Registration Form
74.Super Bowl Party RSVP Form
75.Support Ticket Form
76.Takeout Order Form
77.Testimonial Form
78.Time Sheet Form
79.To Do List Form
80.Travel Request Form
81.Tshirt Order Form
82.Vendor Contact Information
83.Form Vendor Registration Form
84.Veterinarian Patient Intake Form
85.Video Release Form
86.Volunteer Recruitment Form
87.Webinar Registration Form
88.Wedding Invitation RSVP Form
89.Work Order Request Form
  • Whether you want to add name field , address field (or) payment field just give a single click to add it in the form.
  • Each Field has Options ,Advanced Options and Conditional Logics.
  • In Options
a.We can change Field Label
b.We can add description to the field.
c. We can set whether the field is required (or) not.
d.We can set double check email confirmation.
  • In Advanced Options 
a.We can change the field size.
b.We can add placeholder text
c.We can hide Field Label .
d.We can add smart tags in the field which will appear to the form.It can be date, our own email and more.
e. We can set layouts (8 types available here) for the field , how to appear in the form.

  • Conditional Logics
It is one of the nice feature in WPForms.Consider the following needs (just for example purpose) in a form.
A drop down has 2 options individual and business.If the user choose individual next it will automatically display to enter first name field and last name field.Suppose if the user choose business next it will automatically display to enter company name. These things can be done using conditional logics.
It has 3 options.

General settings:
  • WPForms takes care of handling spam submissions.Because they have the honeypot and smart captcha technology. It is available in general settings only.
  • If you have css code for form and submit button.Note down and copy its css class.You can paste it in the required fields.
Notification settings:
  • We can enable or disable according to our wish.Smart Tags can be applied.
Confirmation settings:
  • We can set confirmation message using these settings.
WPForms can also integrate with other email marketing providers which helps to grow email list and to increase conversion rates.

  • WPforms can be integrated with,
a.Constant Contact
  • WPforms has the addon Paypal and Stripe to collect payments and donations. We can also calculate the payment amount based the selection of product by the user.
How WPForms can be added to post / page?
  • Whenever WPForms installed , in the post / page editor the WPForms will appear .
  • Just be sure you have created a form to insert.
  • Now you can see the id was added.

  • Now view the post.And we can see the form was added successfully.
What is the price of WPForms?
  • WPForms has free version called WPForms Lite version.It has limited features only.
  • WPForms Pro version has the option to unlock all features.They are
1.Basic –$49 per year (Some Features not available)
2.Plus – $99 per year (Some Features not available)
3.Pro – $199 per year (All Features available)
4.Agency – $349 per year (All Features available)
  • Basic plan can be used for 1 site
  • Plus plan can be used for 3 sites
  • Pro plan can be used for 25 sites
  • Agency plan can be used for Unlimited sites.

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WPForms review: smart form builder with advancedfunctionality



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