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Form Abandonment Addon Features - WPForms

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Form Abandonment Features in WPForms
Hi friends in this article we are going to see Form Abandonment Features in WPForms

Click Addon in WPForms Plugin .
Find Form Abandonment Addon.
Install and activate Form Abandonment Addon

Click Add new in WPForms Plugin
Now i am creating a simple contact form.
Goto settings of that form .
Here choose Form Abandonment and enable it.

Now i am choosing the option  Save only if email address or phone number is provided .Now we are going to see a demo for it.

Very Important Point:
Form Abandonment in WPForms works on anyone condition from given 2 conditions below.    
One is When the user moves their mouse outside of the browser’s viewport.

 And another one is  When the user clicks on a link on the page
Let we see for the first condition .
Now i am saving the form and copying shortcode from embed option and going to paste in one of the post.
Now i am entering email id . To show the demo for you, i left the form and clicked the new tab which is outside of browser's viewport.

Now i am going back to wordpress dashboard to check whether WPForms plugin  saved the partial filled form or not .

To do this we have to goto that entries of that particular form.

And we can see partial data is saved. 


 On the same form page now i am clicking one of the link of the page.

 This will also lead to capture the details and it will be saved as entry.
Now we have seen demo for the first option in form abandonment with 2 conditions. Kindly note the first option works only with email and phone number fields.
Next we are going to see the 2nd option in form abandonment
the second option is always save abandoned entries
This option will save the partial data and it can be of any one field like name or comment etc.

Next we are going to see the 3rd option in Form Abandonment

3.Prevent Duplicate abandoned entries
*This option can be enabled with option 1 (or) option 2 at the same time.
*By default when partial filled data is again filled by user for remaining fields, it will be saved as
new entry.
*When using 3rd option , the remaining field will be stored in the same entry instead of new entry.

Also check the video of  Form Abandonment Addon Features - WPForms

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