10 Ways to Boost Your Email List and Engagement

  • Hi friends , in this article we are going to see 10 Ways to Boost Your Email List and Engagement.

1.Write catchy subject lines while sending email to the subscribers.And next you need to track the subscribers who were not opened the email.Now send email with different and convincing subject line to the subscribers who not opened the email.This will increase open rate and hence there will be boost in email engagement
2.Offer a free e-book which has some premium content . For this set a signup (ask email and name) to download e-book .Add a sidebar form in your web  site.

If you have multiple software tools provide one of them for free.Alternatively you can give free trial of software .And set email address as a requirement to use the free software tool.


  • If you are looking for good email list collecting tool for sidebar forms try optinmonster.
  • Creating sidebar forms is easy with optinmonster.
  • (a).First of all you need to choose Inline Campaign Type.
  • (b) . Next,Choose a Campaign Template

  • (c) Give a Name to the Campaign and Select the Website which you want to load the campaign .After that click Start Building

  • (d) Next step is , you need to design the form.Optinmonster has drag and drop builder and it comes with multiple feature settings. Design the form according to your wish and you don’t need any coding knowledge.

  • Save it and Publish.
  • Optinmonster can be used in wordpress sites or any other sites.Adding Optinmonster Sidebar Form can be added to wordpress within some minutes.
  • In your wordpress click Widgets and you can see optinmonster as one of the widget.Just Drag and place the OptinMonster in the required sidebar region.Be sure you have selected the Correct sidebar campaign.


3.Add Content Lock in your Blog Posts:
  • If you have content which has answer for most searched question, here you can grab some users as subscribers by locking content with subscribe form.They will be ready to provide their email address to unlock the content.
  • With the help of Optinmonster also we can able to create content lock.
  • The steps are similar to above sidebar form (a),(b),(c), steps which is upto the start building button.
  • In the form design step, we need to click Display Settings


  • Toggle on Lock Content Below campaign Button .
  • Choose a Style for Content Locking , according to your wish.
  • Obfuscation Style is nothing but content will look unclear.
  • Finally click Save and Publish.
  • Add it in your Website content.
  • And it will looks like below.


4.Use Social Networks to increase email list.
Communicating with people through social media is one of the effective method to increase email list.Build an audience with your social media platform.After that share a link post which is a landing page (include a subscribe form) in your twitter account and other social media platforms.Most people are feeling communicating with social media is easy when comparing to contact us page and other things.
And in the landing page if required set count down timer and increase urgency to signup.
5.Be Consistent in a Smart way:
We don’t know when will the subscriber opens the email.It is a good thing to send email consistently.At the same time when the subscribers receive more than 2 emails per day , they will feel you are forcing them to buy. So track the subscribers who were not opened.If needed create separate campaign and send emails in a consistent method.
6.Optimize email newsletter to Mobile :
Responsive email design is very very important.Nowadays people in any field uses smartphones .Sky is the limit for smartphones.So design mobile responsive email newsletter .
To the mobile users:
  • Set Large fonts which makes easy to read the emails.
  • Make the layout in one column to avoid confusions.And single column layout looks neat in mobile.
  • Also set Large Signup button.
  • To load content fast in mobile set smaller images.

7.Create video series to get more engagement:
Your Product may be a software tool.Ofcourse it is great tool with advanced features.Your Subscriber will get engaged only if he understands your product.Here comes the video .
So when you send your software features as a video series , your subscriber ,on seeing the tutorial they will get real time experience ,what is it and how to do it.Like this you can make more email engagements.
8.Increase your Email List with your High Profile :
Your Product is available , it is only because of you.It means you are expert in one field.So become a guest blogger and reach out to more people.Some big websites with lot of traffic also invites bloggers to contribute articles in a variety of topics.
Also pitch yourself in podcasts and youtube channels.
9. Do A/B Split testing :
Create two (or) more versions of an email newsletter . Send them in random manner.The advantage of A/B Split testing is making the right change of your product (or) a website (or) an app (or) even an email newsletter. So, what is making right change ? .
We need to change some things in our email newsletter (or) product , because we need more subscribers and more sales .
Not only for the above things but also for those who are creating email list for first time .
At the same time that change should be accepted by the subscribers.So first we need to know how the subscribers are responding to the new changes.When new changes accepted by most of them , after that we can fully change in the design of product, website,app (or) newsletter.
10.Find right method on your experience: You may have software product (or) hardware product. Increasing an email list and creating engagement differs from one product to another product.So find the right method by using the above methods one by one . Definitely one day you will find your right method and finally implement that method .
So that’s all friends about 10 Ways to Boost Your Email List and Engagement.

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