How easy it is to create a video for social sharing with Animoto

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In the content marketing strategy , Videos play a vital role nowadays .When Good Videos shared properly  in social networks it will be shared by many people and the result is more product sales.

  • Sharing Videos in Social Networks will also increase Brand Awarness and more online engagement.
Ok , Now you will ask how to create videos ? Whether i have to buy a DSLR Camera , Tripod , GreenScreen , Lights and more.

Wait ! .
            When we use the above equipments we get good results. But you don’t need to put that much amount and time.
Why ?
Your product may be digital one (or) a product which don't need that much amount.

And the next thing you need to edit the video !.

So, How can we minimize the time and cost?
                If you have smartphone with good camera , take video (or) photos .
Next  use Animoto for video editing. So What is Animoto?
Animoto is an online based video editor where you can make videos fast. Animoto is also available on iPad , iOS , Android.
If you able to understand what  are theMenus/Options  inside Animoto Dashboard you can create a social video within 5 minutes.Just be sure you have good internet connection.

Let we see how to create one video for social media using Animoto.
First login to your account. [ To avoid Animoto Watermark, Be sure you have bought atleast Professional Animoto plan. When you buy Annual Plan you can get upto 50% discount. ] 
You can create videos either start from scratch (or) from pre-built storyboard templates.

I have selected Start from Scratch Option.
Next you need to choose a Storyboard Style

Next we need to Choose a Video Style . I have selected  Standout Style.

Next you need to set Video Aspect ratio Square (1:1) which is good for social medias like facebook and instagram.

Next click choose Style, it will open the Animoto Project Dashboard
  • In the media upload your own images.

Media options are further divided 3 sub-tabs . They are
c.Stock - Don't have images . No Worries.This option have search bar where you can get images and videos.These images and videos are from Gettyimages and it have millions of photos and videos.

  • After the successful image upload click Add A Block

  • Next Select Photo in the block.

    • Now it will be added to the storyboard.I have 7 photos so i have added another 6 photo blocks.

      Do like the above thing for the other remaining photo blocks .
      Next we need to Add Title for Each Photo Block.So click a Photo Block and Click Text Icon to give Titles for the photo.
      Like this do it for remaining photo blocks. That's all friends .Now make a Preview.

      When you are satisfied with the video click Produce button.
      That's all friends.Now wait for sometime to render.Now you can download (or) you can share the video to social networks.
      So you need to understand the following menus/options in animoto.
      There are  6 Menus/Options available. They are,
      b.Colours for Title,Subtitle,Accent,Video Background
      9 Predefined Styles available

      a.Landscape (16:9)
      There are 6 Filters available.
      Additionally you can set Filter Off using the None option.
      We can upload our song (or) you can choose it from song library. In the library , songs are available for almost all category.

      Also check the video

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