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How to Build Spam Free WordPress Contact Forms

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Hi friends in this article we are going to see  - How to Build Spam-Free WordPress Contact Forms
First we see, what is spam in general? 
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Spam is sending unwanted or irrelevant messages/links to emails through internet. The reason to send spam messages/ links is for advertisement purpose, links which contains malware and phishing. Some of them tries to get some data in computer or to destroy data in some computer. Some of them tries to get credit card details by sending malicious software link to email. When the person goes to that link ,the malicious software will secretly/without asking permission will be downloaded in his/her system. And if the system has credit card details and when it is online, its details can be taken.

Next we see, what is spam form in general?
Whether it is spam email or spam form the purpose is same. only the way of approaching is different. Spam form leads some companies to focus more on this issue and making them to spend more. Because if they didn't take care of this issue, after some period while removing forms in bulk, there are some chances to delete original customer details. So companies will lose potential sales.
Spam form occurs in contact us page form in general. Here they will fill unwanted information/malware links. Not only they are doing manually but also with the help of automation bots.

So How Website Owners can avoid these spam forms in general?

The simple answer is reCAPTCHA!. Website Owners can add this reCAPTCHA in their forms and when visitors submit the form, reCAPTCHA will ask to prove that they are humans.

The advantages of reCAPTCHA is, it will block the automated form submissions.
Google has improved their captcha tool which helps users can just put their mouse over the checkbox and the tool understands that this is not an automated spam bot. Whereas the old captcha method is user have to understand the jumbled word images and have to enter that words manually in the given field. This method is difficult.
If you have a wordpress site with contact form, Let we see how to deal with spam . WPForms is one of the best wordpress contact form plugin which helps to build spam free wordpress contact form and wordpress conversational forms.
WPForms also helps to reduce reduce form abandonment

Part-A Starting

First you have to create form using WPForms.
See this article: WPForms - Create Forms
Next, we have to configure reCAPTCHA Settings. Click Settings and choose reCAPTCHA

And here you have to tick the option checkbox-reCAPTCHA v2 . Now keep this page as it is for sometime

Next we have to go to Google reCAPTCHA site, We have given its website link below. . Here click Admin Console .

Enter your Domain Name.Tick recaptcha v2 . And tick further "I'm not a robot" tickbox.
Note: If you are new to Google reCAPTCHA the settings in above image will be displayed first.If you are already using Google reCAPTCHA you have to click the + icon.

Next Add your domain names.
You can add sub domains one by one , by clicking + icon.

Accept by ticking recaptcha terms check box and if needed tick alert options also. Finally click Submit Button.
now you will get the site key and secret key of Google Recaptcha. Copy both keys .Return to WPForms and paste the keys in respective fields in WPForms recaptcha settings.

Finally save settings.

Now goto your required or created form which you want to use . Goto its settings of that form .And Tick , Enable Google Checkbox v2 reCAPTCHA.

Part A Ended

Part B Starting

We can add the form in any post or page using block option.For that, Click Add post Block in your required Post/Page. Type WPForms in search field.We will get WPForms widget. Just click it to add it on the post/page. 

After adding the WPForms widget inside the post/page, we have to select the form (which has Google Re captcha) from the drop down menu.

Part B Ended

When we view the  Post , it will look like below
Additional Information: We can also use Google Recaptcha Field in WPForms to enable or disable Google Recaptcha.

We can also prevent spam form submission smartly by using WPForms Custom Captcha Addon .So goto WPForms Addons in Wordpress Dashboard.Install Custom Captcha Addon. Be sure it is automatically activated.
Now goto anyone of the created WPForms . Click Edit and goto Fields. Choose Captcha.

Custom Captcha Addon two types. We can select them in the field options.
2.Question and Answer

Custom Captcha Addon Math Type WPForms Preview.
Custom Captcha Addon Question and Answer Type Field Options WPForms .

Th procedure for Invisible reCAPTCHA v2 and reCAPTCHA v3 is almost same as Part A and Part B

That's all friends. Thank you.

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