WPForms Helps You With Recurring Payments [Here's How]

Hi friends in this article we are going to see how WPForms Helps You With Recurring Payments [Here's How].
Update 2020 (November): WPForms black fridays and Cyber Monday deals 2020 goes live. 

So what is recurring payment?
let we see with an example.A person is buying an online magazine which comes once per month. The manual method to buy online magazine is , he has to give card details in the order page of magazine website. This manual method need to be done every month to buy that magazine.
Another method to buy online magazine is Automatic .if the person uses this option, he has to enter the card details only one time.After that money will be deducted from the card each month automatically from magazine website and the magazine will be provided to him.
In general  when a customer gives permission to service provider (it can be ebook, newsletter, software, etc.. ) to deduct money from his card automatically for specific period at regular intervals, it is called as recurring payment.
Recurring payment can be used in various fields
1.Newsletter , Ebooks and Magazines
2.Music companies like Spotify
3.Online Video Streaming companies like Netflix , Amazon Prime.Youtube also has this option in some of its services.
4.In ready made meals.
5.Utilities like phone bills ,current bills.

 Ok let we go to our topic. If you have a wordpress site with WPForms Pro license then for recurring payments form you don't need to look for some other places.Because WPForms can do that for you. Stripe! The Most Popular Online Solution and WPForms can do that magic for you.

So what is Stripe?
Stripe is a technology company which helps to accept payments and to manage some business things online with their software.With the help of Stripe we can accept online orders or donations on our website.

How to Connect Stripe with Your Payment Form using WPForms?

First go to your Wordpress dashboard , Goto WPForms plugin .Click Addon . Find Stripe Addon and install it.

Be sure to check Stripe Addon is successfully installed and it is activated.

Next in WPForms plugin goto Settings and in settings page click Payments.

We have selected the currency U.S Dollar.As of now there are 20+ countries currency supported.They are Australian Dollar,Brazilian Real,Canadian Dollar,Czech Coruna,Danish Krone,Euro,Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint,Malaysian Ringgit,Mexican Peso,New Zeland Dollar, Norwegian Krone,Philipine Peso, Polish Zloty, Pound Sterling, Russian Ruble, South African Rand, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, Taiwan New Dollar, Thai Baht and more.
Kindly note that Test Mode and live mode are different.So,Test and Live modes must be connected separately. If you’re currently using Test Mode, please be sure to repeat this connection process with the Test Mode option unchecked so that you’re ready to launch your forms when needed.
It is always recommended you to try test mode first after that you can go live mode
 Here i am showing live mode.
Before you go to the next step, Be sure you have signed in with your Stripe Account.
Goto stripe.com and signin with email & password.
If you have enabled two factor authentication , it will send a 6 digit verification code to your mobile phone/call (we have opted for text message). Note that 6 digit and paste it in the verification code page of stripe.

Now the stripe dashboard will appear.
Ok let we go to the wpforms payment settings in wordpress dashboard .
Next click the blue button Connect with Stripe.
Accept/allow WPForms to connect with Stripe account.
Now WPForms will show green tick in check box of Connection Status.
One of The important step is finished. Now go to your forms or create a new one.Here i have used simple Billing/Order Form
Go to Settings of this billing/order form.Next click General.And here Enable Ajax Form Submission.

Next, Go to Payments of this billing/order form.
  • Click Stripe 
  • Enable Stripe Payments by giving tick to the check box.
  • Give name to Payment descripton.
  • Next,Select Payment receipt as email.
  • Depending upon your need Enable Conditional Logic  .It comes with 
Process/Don't Process payment as recurring if Email/Comments(or)Message/Multiple Payments [ is/is not/empty/not empty/contains/does not contain/starts with/ends with/greater than/less than ]  Blank Field AND
You can add New Group.

Upto this we have set One-time payment  .

And Next step is for recurring payments,if you want it ,Tick the check box of enable recurring
Subscription Payments.
Then the following fields will appear.
 Plan Name: You’ll need to enter a title for the subscription, such as “Magazine Recurring fee to Magazine Provider”. This will appear within the Stripe transaction.
Recurring Period: You can choose how often the recurring payments should occur: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Yearly, or Yearly.
Customer Email: Within this dropdown, select an Email field from your form where the customer can be contacted. This is required to create a subscription for a customer in Stripe.
Depending upon your need Enable Conditional Logic (An example is available at the end of this post). It comes with Process/Don't Process this charge if Email/Comments(or)Message/Multiple Payments [ is/is not/empty/not empty/contains/does not contain/starts with/ends with/greater than/less than ]  Blank Field AND
You can add New Group.

In this form to add Stripe , we have to add stripe card field.So go to the fields and add Stripe Credit Card field.
Stripe Credit Card Preview in Form
Let we see an example how to set recurring payment.We set multiple items (We have named it as "Pay" here) as monthly payment and one time payment.

now goto payments . And in stripe enable recurring Subscription Payments. 
next enable conditional logics.Now we should use the below option.
Process  payment as recurring if Pay is Monthly.
That's all friends .Thank you.

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