How to Start A Blog?

Hi friends in this article we are going to see how to start a blog?

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Before that first let we see what is a blog?

  • When we go to 20 years back, we can able to understand weblog was shorted as "blog".
In general log means,
a)Part of the trunk or a large branch of a tree that has fallen or been cut off (or)
b)an official record of events during the voyage of a ship or aircraft.
While using softwares in PC we can see log files which contains what are the previous tasks we done.

  • In a blog each content with title published will be called as "posts" not as "web pages".And mostly these blog posts are displayed in Reverse Chronological Order. Reverse Chronological Order means the recent post published will be displayed as first.The old post will go down . If you can't get it , consider a box .Now put one coin.As of now, in the box this coin is the top most.Next when we put another coin(2nd coin) this 2nd coin will be the topmost coin in the box.
  • Still you can't get just remeber your phone inbox messages and email (gmail, yahoo , microsoft mail) inbox messages the old message goes down automatically when a new message is received.
Next what is the difference between blog and websites?
  • Let us consider a tree and a coconut tree.A tree is a general name and it can be a mango tree , coconut tree , palm tree and so on.But a coconut tree and it is specific to that tree only.So all coconut trees can be called as tree .But a tree cannot be called as coconut tree.
It means,
  • All blogs are websites.But all websites are not blogs .
Like coconut tree here it is blog website . And we shortened the name as blog.

Benefits of blogs:
A way to convey your creativity .Sometimes to develop/improve your creativity!.
One can learn a lot from blog(i learned from basic computer knowledge to some coding skills.)
One can create a network with similar interest person
One can earn through blog.
Also we can add blog as co-curricular activities in resume.(Be sure your blog have useful tips).
How can I create a blog?
There are lot of platforms available to create blogs.
Some of them are , self- hosted wordpress blog
  • If you have no problem in spending money I recommend Webhosting(Self-Host) option with Wordpress installation.Because it have more features from design to development and with awesome plugins.Another thing you don't need any coding skills.Do you know ? As of now 32% of the websites were created with Wordpress Only.  
  • Next one is domain name.In the internet industry the domain name is used to identify a website.

Important Plugins Required With A New WordPress Site:

1.Akismet - Spam Remover Plugin (Anti-Spam Plugin)

One of the biggest burden while creating blogs/websites is the spam comments.
Spam comments will bring Headache to the website owners.
Here comes the Akismet - Spam Remover Plugin

  • To be frank akismet plugin will make you to feel it slows down your website but it is good to install if you want to protect your site from malicious content.If you have good hosting company you don’t need to worry about speed of your wordpress website.As of now Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin has 5 million installs  and has Average rating of  4.7 out of 5 stars.

2.NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

I have some other blogs and i used wordpress for them before some years.
So from my personal observation it satisfied me very much.
The reason is this social auto post plugin has the abilty to auto post
your recent published post to atleast 5 social networks (even in free plan!).
Auto Post has the timing options which you can publish at certain intervals which helps to avoid spamming.
It also has free plans and pro plans.Free plan is limited but little bit ahead of other social media management free plans.

3.W3 Total cache

W3 Total Cache has 1+ million active installations and has average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.
Google considers speed performance of a website and why google considers this? Because a visitor will leave the website if it takes too much time to load.So google will consider another site which loads very fast for the same topic.
A worpress website can be able to load within some seconds using w3 total cache plugin.
After installing this plugin definitely you will see improvement in overall site performance.

4.Contact Form by WPForms – Drag & Drop Form Builder for WordPress

WPForms is the #1, Must-Have plugin and a vital step in starting a blog and/or the best way to start generating and capturing leads

WPForms has 2+ million installations and has average rating 4.9 out of 5 star. Now you can understand why it is best of plugin.
WPForms comes with free and pro plans
Features of Wpforms:
WPForms design fits to any device whether it’s a desktop (or) tablet (or) mobile. Because WPForms was created with consideration of responsiveness.
WPForms has smart drag and drop builder.You don’t need to be an expert in coding while creating forms. You can create it within some minutes.
Instant form notification.
85+ Premade templates available at Pro version.
Conversational forms is one of the best feature in wpforms which helps to ask relevant question automatically by recognizing the previous question.We have settings in wpforms to make premade form fields.
What is the price of WPForms?
WPForms has free version called WPForms Lite version.It has limited features only.
WPForms Pro version has the option to unlock all features.New User can get 50% discount for all plans and renewal price/regular price vary
They are
1.Basic –$39.50 per year (Regular Price $79.0 per year , Some Features not available)
2.Plus – $99.50 per year (Regular Price $199.0 per year , Some Features not available)
3.Pro – $199.50 per year (Regular Price $399.0 per year , All Features available)

Basic plan can be used for 1 site
Plus plan can be used for 3 sites
Pro plan can be used for 25 sites
Agency plan can be used for Unlimited sites.

5.Yoast SEO

Content is king, there is no doubt on that. At the same time the content should be created that google can also understand easily.Because google uses algorithm for search engine in their own unique style.If the google algorithm understands your “ content & its quality ” it will put your content on top of its search page results.Finally it will leads to more trafficto your website and more sales.
For the above things SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is necessary.And yoast seo wordpress plugin helps to make your content to place in top of search results.

6.Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Though wordpress cache plugin used for overall speed performance , the usage of image size can be further more compressed using smush plugin.And finally it results in great speed site performance and the image quality is also good.Just be sure you have a good webhosting company.

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