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Form Locker Addon Features WPForms

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Hi friends in this article we are going to see form locker addon features in WPForms.

 Goto Addon in WPForms plugin.
Find Form Locker Addon and  Install that Addon .

Besure the formlocker addon is successfully activated. It will automatically activates itself after install,however a check from our side is a good thing.

Let we see Form Locker Addon Features WPForms .
Click Add New in WPForms plugin.

Now i am creating a simple contact form.

First we are going to see is password feature in form locker

For demo purpose i am creating a simple password.

 Save the form from time to time.
Click Embed button and copy the shortcode

Now i am going to paste this short code in one of the post.

Output of Form Locker Addon Feature WPForms:

2. Scheduling Feature Form Locker Addon WPForms:

The demo is same upto Form Locker

Tick  scheduling option to enable it
Kindly note that WPForms follows the time zone according to wordpress time zone set by us. By default Wordpress follows Coordinated Universal Time and so i am using that time zone for demo purpose.

Output of Scheduling:

3.Tick limit on total form entries to enable it.

So when more than entry is filled it will display the closed message.
4.Enable restricting entries to logged in users only

You can also watch the video of form locker addon WPForms below.

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