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The Best Way to Gather Data and Connect with Your Audience

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  • Think Smart: Do you know how to connect with your audience ?.
  • You may tell "Yes” for the question.Because you may have used (or) using like calling and networking. Yes, Ofcourse, It will work! .But you need to understand that the above mentioned  options can be survived and also be helpful to you only when you gather data.Think Smart!.
  • The data collection can help you to connect audience in an efficient manner because you can able to know the additional requirements of audience and also to filter the unwanted requirements to the audience.
So Let we see some best methods to collect data and to connect the audience.


You may wonder because you may have seen mindmapping like a flow chart and it can be used only for solving complex relationship .Since this technique uses the visual image approach it easily helps audience to why they need to engage here.Mindmapping is one of the creative technique to gather datas.
2.Online Surveys and Polls
  • Surveys and Polls taking in the website is one of the best common and most recommended method (or) used method to collect datas.
  • The primary reason is the cost efficiency and its simplicity.
  • Another huge advantage is you can save more time because of its simplicty as said earlier.
  • If you are looking for how to create surveys in a wordpress websites, then try WPForms . WPForms is a smart drag and drop form builder.And it has lot of addons with advanced funtionalities.In that WPForms Surveys and Polls is also an available addon.

  • After installing and upgrading WPForms , you can easily find out the Survey Form.

  • Just drag and drop the required fields and see the changes in preview sidebyside.
  • Here i want to mention one of the super feature conditional logics . It can help to give different questions according to the previous data given by user/audience.
  • See a sample survey form below.
  • From the above sample form you can easily understand what are the facilities available in the WPForms Survey Form Addon.
  • Star Rating option can be created.
  • Satisfication scale can be created.
  • Net Promoter Scale can be created.
Additional to this Surveys can be integrated to other email marketing platforms like Constant Contact, Mailchimp , Getresponse , Drip , Campaign Monitor , Zapier.
  • We can also collect payments using WPForms .

Next the Survey results can be seen in a neat manner.Some are bar chart , column chart , pie chart , line like chart.

  • And you can save these visualization styles as PDF , JPG.

  • 3.Online interviews with niche celebrity:
  • Online Interview method can help to get huge people of the same profession. And it can make huge impact towards your goal if it is used properly.
  • And you know it can also costs high depending upon the person who is attending the interview.
  • The interviews may be in the form of podcast , an article and also it can be a video.
  • Note that the celebrity should be in your niche. For example if it is about website , web designers should be the celebrity.If it is video games , famous video gamers should be the celebrity. If the celebrity comes from different field, initially you can get huge audience but it will not give engaged audience and it will lead to non – achievement of your goal.Because your related audience will expect the experience of the celebrity of that particular niche and when it is not going to happen they will also leave.
  • Comparing to the online interview it can be the best because of the connection with the audience.
  • Webinar needs a good internet connection. Organzing the webinar in a successful manner depends upon the audience.
  • Here it has the option to set the webinar free (or) price . Because the webinar platform itself costing little bit more and in some webinar platform provider companies may charge additional fees when the amount of attendess are above the normal plan.
  • Here we have the features to set webcam.And some webinar platform provides powerpoint presentation with their upload options.Another one is whiteboard facility which we can teach topics like boards in school  .
5.Observation of Social medias
  • Social media needs no introduction.At the same time trending / viral topics and hashtags will not be a perfect solution for connecting with the audience who are suitable to you.
  • Here you need to find your similar groups which is the best way here , to connect with the right audience.
  • So here it needs more observation as it is going strong day by day . Though it has also positive-less things , it is making a huge impact in our dailylife.
6.Website Analysis :
  • Website analysis is also an important one to collect data and to connect audience.
  • Here text , image and video can be placed at single place and so the messages conveyed here can also bring new audience and also to connect with them.
  • Morever websites acting as forum when the discussions are made in the comments section.And the queries and answers can be achieved within the comments section and so it is doing a job what a forum websites are doing.
  • And by noting the comments we can also able to collect keywords data which was searched by people more.
  • When the keywords were taken optimizing the website becomes easier and search engines also now joins with you because of the keywords and again it will bring additional audience. So SEO can be done with people engagement and nowadays lot of SEO tools started to join in this game.
7.Online experiments:
  • Whether it is A/B experient or any other experiment try again and again , rinse and repeat until you get conversions (or) your goal achieved
  • Give Free ebooks or digital downloads and get leads.
  • Start chatting , use mail , do email marketing after  that get datas and connect audience.
That’s all friends . Which you feel best and smart for you? Share it in the comments.Thank you.

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