Create Conversational Forms in Wordpress Sites Using WPForms

Hi friends in this article we are going to see how to create conversational forms in wordpress sites using WPForms.
Update 2020 (November): WPForms black fridays and Cyber Monday deals 2020 goes live. 

  •  I have installed & activated WPForms Pro Plan . Kindly note that , conversational forms feature is only available in WPForms Pro and WPForms Elite Plan.
  • Let we see how to create a conversational form here.
  • In the WPforms Plugin , Go to Addons in WPForms Plugin.
  • Next i am going to install and activate the Addon Conversational forms

  • Be sure the Conversational Form Addon is installed and activated.It should look like below.
  • Next Click Add New Button.
  • Give a name to the form. I am choosing a blank form.

  • Goto settings of the Blank form .Click Conversational Forms and enable it.

  • This form is going to be a conversational form and so it should give the conversation feel.So we need to add related words for that.Now i am changing the conversational form title.

  • We can set permalink URL according to our wish here.

  • Header Logo can be uploaded here.

  • It's your wish to show or hide WPForms  branding .

  • We can also set desired background color for conversational form.
  • We can select anyone progress bar in the given option which can be percentage or proportion
  • Save the form from time to time
  • We have the feature to preview the conversational form in WPForms.
  •  Next i am going to add some fields . I want to show a small outline of what fields i have used in the form.Kindly check the below image.
  •  We have already created conversational form title.So i am going to add Name field next.

In the right side preview click the field to change the label name according to your wish.
  • Like this next i am adding email field and other fields one by one as shown in outline form image..
  • After that, i am adding Multiple choice field.
  • Next i am going to add 2 URL fields and also using conditional logics. We also have separate video about conditional logics in WPForms.
  • Next goto settings .Choose Confirmation and change the confirmation message according to your wish.

I am showing first part of conversational form output.Kindly check video to see full output of conversational form.

That's all friends.Thank you:) . 
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