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Create Conversational Forms in Wordpress Sites Using WPForms

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Hi friends in this article we are going to see how to create conversational forms in wordpress sites using WPForms.

  •  I have installed & activated WPForms Pro Plan . Kindly note that , conversational forms feature is only available in WPForms Pro and WPForms Elite Plan.
  • Let we see how to create a conversational form here.
  • In the WPforms Plugin , Go to Addons in WPForms Plugin.
  • Next i am going to install and activate the Addon Conversational forms

  • Be sure the Conversational Form Addon is installed and activated.It should look like below.
  • Next Click Add New Button.
  • Give a name to the form. I am choosing a blank form.

  • Goto settings of the Blank form .Click Conversational Forms and enable it.

  • This form is going to be a conversational form and so it should give the conversation feel.So we need to add related words for that.Now i am changing the conversational form title.

  • We can set permalink URL according to our wish here.

  • Header Logo can be uploaded here.

  • It's your wish to show or hide WPForms  branding .

  • We can also set desired background color for conversational form.
  • We can select anyone progress bar in the given option which can be percentage or proportion
  • Save the form from time to time
  • We have the feature to preview the conversational form in WPForms.
  •  Next i am going to add some fields . I want to show a small outline of what fields i have used in the form.Kindly check the below image.
  •  We have already created conversational form title.So i am going to add Name field next.

In the right side preview click the field to change the label name according to your wish.
  • Like this next i am adding email field and other fields one by one as shown in outline form image..
  • After that, i am adding Multiple choice field.
  • Next i am going to add 2 URL fields and also using conditional logics. We also have separate video about conditional logics in WPForms.
  • Next goto settings .Choose Confirmation and change the confirmation message according to your wish.

I am showing first part of conversational form output.Kindly check video to see full output of conversational form.

That's all friends.Thank you:) . 

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