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How to Reduce Form Abandonment in WordPress

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Hi friends in this article we are going to see How to Reduce Form Abandonment in WordPress?
If a business rely on a website then it needs more conversions. And it is in te hands of online forms. Styles may differ in registration and conversion but the fundamental part of filling is an online forms.
If you are running business and you will frustrate when you find the form is getting more entries on starting level but less conversion at the end.

What are the reasons that makes a Form Abandonment:

  • Less Simplified Forms / Maximum fields in the form
  • Ignoring Mobile and Tablet device designs in website. (i.e) Responsiveness
  • Less Trusted Signals in the Checkout Form
  • Not Using Positive Words in the form 
  • Not using Validations in the form
  • Less Speed in loading the forms
  • Not using engaging elements in the form
  • Untidy forms with the site design
  • Not using Conditional logics . Conditional logics helps to give different questions to the user based on the previous input given in the form field.
  • Not using the email list in a perfect way for a re-approach.
So, What's about in Wordpress Website?

About 32% of the people were using wordpress software for creating blogs and software.So let we see how to reduce form abandoment in wordpress websites.

First we need a good Wordpress Form Plugin which has rich features. Because it can only can solve the form abandonment issues.

One of the good Wordpress Form Plugin is WPForms

WPForms has a free version and paid/pro version . As of now,  WPForms free version has 2+ million downloads and has an average rating of 4.9
WPForms paid version will not just act as contact form besides it can performs other useful tasks.Let we see its features one by one.

WPForms Pro version has the option to unlock all features.

New User can get 50% discount for all plans and renewal price/regular price vary
They are
1.Basic –$39.50 per year (Regular Price $79.0 per year , Some Features not available)
2.Plus – $99.50 per year (Regular Price $199.0 per year , Some Features not available)
3.Pro – $199.50 per year (Regular Price $399.0 per year , All Features available)

4.Agency – $299.50 per year (Regular Price $599.0 per year All Features available)
Basic plan can be used for 1 site
Plus plan can be used for 3 sites
Pro plan can be used for 25 sites
Agency plan can be used for Unlimited sites.

How to install WPForms?

Next ,  Install and Activate Form Abandonment Addon:

After installing , be sure the Form Abandonment Addon is activated .

Next create a form. I am creating a for demo purpose.

Now click Add New in WPForms

Scroll down . In the Additional Templates search field type summer.

You can also change the text names according to your wish.

Next we are going to enable the Form Abandonment Feature in WPForms

Once Again go the WPForms editor of that particular form, click on Settings and choose Form abandonment

Now tick the checkbox "Enable form abandonment lead capture" inorder to enable the feature and to use some other options. 
You have the options.
Save only if email address or phone number is provided
Always save abandoned entries 
Prevent duplicate abandon entries

After finishing your details click save button.

Next click Embed button and copy the shortcode.

Next Step Paste Shortcode in Posts/Pages/Widgets:

Goto your Posts/pages/widgets where you want to display the form.Here i am using sample Page.

Finally Publish it.
Way to view abandoned form entries:
It's very easy to find this one.

To find this go to WPForms and next Entries and select the form you want to see entries for.

That's all friends Thank you.

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