MonsterInsights Review: useful wordpress google analytics plugin

  • If you have wordpress website , definitely you have also installed google analytics plugin.
  • If you are not sure about analytics or not yet installed any analytics plugin then you need to know about them.

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So, what is analytics of a website?
In simple,
  Analytics of a website is like a report of user visits and the status (or) analyse of webpages/website.
And most of the information is about
1. Geography Location of users who visited your website.
2. Time Spent on a webpage / website
3.Shows details about Returning Visitor , New Visitor and Sessions.
4.Where the visitors found your website.
And more…
  • But one important thing while installing and using analytics it needs some experience to handle it.
  • Here comes the MonsterInsights to handle analytics in an easy way.
  • MonsterInsights has 2+ million active installations and 3.9 average ratings.
  • Additional to this , MonsterInsights works perfectly with WordPress MultiSite, both network activated and activated on individual sites. The automatic updates also work for MultiSite as well.
  • We can connect Google analytics account with Monster in just a few clicks.
  • After installing and activating the MonsterInsights plugin , Goto insights which can be found in the sidebar


  • MonsterInsights is compatible with the platform if and only if you are using the Business plan (which allows users to install plugins).
  • Let we see the Awesome Features of MonsterInsights which will helps to  know about its advanced functionality.
Real Time Status:
  • In Youtube Analytics we can see there is separate analytics for real time. Whether it’s a viral video or brand promotion , real time plays a vital role for analysing people location, their devices and operating system they used.
  • Like that in the Wordpress site , MonsterInsights helps to find traffic at real time . If you are doing sales / events you don’t need to wait for a day.
  • So it helps to spend money in a right way.
Tack File Download:

  • It is a great feature in MonsterInsights where you cannot track this detail in google analytics.
  • MonsterInsights helps to find how to many times a file downloaded.
  • Here files means it may be videos , images, word documents, PDF files, MP3 files, zip files and more.
Track Forms:
  • In your wordpress site , definitely you have contact forms (or) some other forms.
  • But one thing is clear while using the forms some visitors are going to be your customers in future.
  • Considering this, tracking form is essential.And so here comes the MonsterInsights.
  • You don’t need to be a code expert to use this.Just activate the Form Add on and MonsterInsights will do the remaining tasks.And no need to set configuration.It will work automatically after activating.
  • Once again ,Google analytics not having this form track option.
  • General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) came into act on MAy25 2018.
  • So it’s a need to set Privacy and Protection of individuals in European Union.
  • While using cookies it is must to make the site compliance with GDPR.
  • When you buy MonsterInsights EUCompliance addon , it will take the responsility to make the site compliance with GDPR without any new configuration.
Track Ecommerce:
  • Are you using Woocommerce or EasyDigitalDownloads in your wordpress site ? No problem you can track all its activities using the Ecommerce Addon.
  • Here the tracking includes, many products added to the cart many products removed in the cart
    c.Conversion rate
    f.Average order value  and more.
Ads Tracking:
  • If you have Google Adsense in your wordpress website , you can use MonsterInsights to find the best ad placement in the site.
  • Best ad placement means increase in clicks and finally more revenue.
  • In future Monsterinsights have plan to other advertising platforms also.
  • Find what ads are more engaged to people and what ads are ignored by people using this awesome google analytics plugin.
Popular Post Tracking
With the help of MonsterInsights we can
  • Track which is the popular post / page in your website
  • Track what kind of topic people like most
And finally instead of focusing on irrelevant content you can actually create content according to people needs.
So, it helps to bring more traffic and more engagement.
Custom dimensions:
  • This will help to track your authors and also which of their posts is popular and bringing more traffic to the website.
  • The Plugin not only limited to Author but also to,
1.Track Post type
2.Track Category
3. Track SEO Score
4.Track Focus Keyword
5. Track tags in your wordpress website and more..
Google Analytics Dashboard
  • You don’t need to go for google analytics website to check the stats.Instead you can check the analytics within wordpress dashboard as a widget using this plugin.
  • And this google analytics dashboard widget is customizable.
  • Additional to this , we can see all the metrics of google analytics.
Some other available features are
  • Google AMP Analytics in WordPress
  • Site speed tracking
  • Track Facebook Instant Articles
  • Track Google Optimize A/B Testing
  • Also helps to identify whether paid advertisement for your website is working or not.
  • Universal Tracking – Collect data from any device.
  • Enhanced Link Attribution for WordPress helps to identify which landing page is getting more clicks.

  • Track Rss Feeds.
  • Track Logged-in user.
  • Track Banner ads and affiliate links.
How much does MonsterInsights cost?
MonsterInsights comes with a free lite version with limited features and Premium Version with all features.
Premium Version comes with 3 plans.
1.Plus - For small businesses and publishers who want to do more
2.Pro-For eCommerce sites and Businesses who want quick and maximum sales
3.Agency- For web development agencies and marketing agencies to speed up their flow.

1.Plus – $99/year (actually $124/year) – Upto 5 sites
2.Pro – $199/year (actually $249/year)- Upto 50 sites
3.Agency-$399/year(actually $499/year)-Upto 100 sites
MonsterInsights doesn’t have trial plan but you don’t need to concentrate on that.Because they are giving fully protected 100% No-Risk-Double-Guarantee. If you don’t like MonsterInsights over the next 14 days, then they will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

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