How to Skyrocket Your Conversions with OptinMonster:Is It the Best Content Upgrade Tool?

Hi friends in this article we going to see how to skyrocket your conversions.
  • One of the greatest challenge in the digital world is making your readers into subscribers.
  • You know that lot of money is spending on advertising and for branding.
  • But note that People will not signup the subscription forms until they feel secure and valuable. Why most of the people unsubscribing their mails are due to receiving of more mails.
  • There are many ways available to get subscribers. Here a question will arise. Is getting only subscribers enough? .
  • No, It’s not about how many subscribers in the list . It’s about how many potential buyers in the list.
So let we see how to get high conversions
1.Schedule email according to people reading time. People reading time differs from one day to another day. So note the timings well and send mail.
2. It is recommended to send series of emails . Also attach infographics or video wherever required. Create Email Campaign not just emails.
3. The subject line is important in the email to make attention to people and for more open rates.
4.Just sending email to subscribers will not increase conversions. Create some automation workflow .Like if a user open a mail he will automatically gets another mail which contains bonus.
5. Test the responsiveness of email newsletter. Because nowadays most of the emails are opened in mobile. So be sure the newsletter is loading perfectly both in desktop and mobile. And it will helps to get more click rates.
6. Mention the special offer with time for your product in the newsletter. It plays a vital role in your product sales. Also mention the products are limited (or) handful.
7.Focus on getting new subscribers .At the same time remember your existing customers . Maybe in future your existing customers will become your clients. Providing services is a good thing for the small business men.
8. Some products cannot be given for free. Here comes the trial. Based on your product features calculate how many days the trial can be given. After that setup email campaign and send to your customers.
9.Add Lead Magnet
What is a lead magnet?
People always look valuable content. Marketing people gave valuable content for free or at very very low price to people. And in return people need to give their email address. Lead magnet comes in this way. When people subscribes with email , they will get free resources.
10.Add Exit intent
What is a Exit intent?
Exit intent is nothing but a pop-up form or overlay form which will be displayed when people close the website or leave the webpage. This option is one of the best choice for shopping cart abandonment.
11.Single optin:
Marketing people adds a person email in their mailing list .However permission is needed from the email owner.This is called single optin .
12.Add Double optin:
Double optin is also called as Confirmed optin.
Here if a person subscribes a website, he will get a mail (which includes confirmation link) in his email account which asks to confirm the subscription. When the email owner clicks the confirmation link it will be added to mailing list of marketing people.
While using double optin most of the subscribers will be potential buyers .
Because the subscribed people feel valuable for subscribing here. So only they subscribed here even it is a double time confirmation.
So Where to look for Double Optin ?
Optin monster will be the solution and their double optin come with great features called Monsterlinks.
Monsterlinks is not just a double optin form. Any image or link in the website can be turned into a 2 step optin.
Monsterlinks comes under the Zeigarnik Effect Principle. This effect says when a task is going on and not yet completed, people can able to remember the task until it is completed .
So when the people clicks the link (or) mostly they will subscribe.
And the popup will not opens automatically until the visitor clicks a link or an image.
Features of Monster link:
* MonsterLink works on all platforms. Wordpress, Blogger (or) any other websites Monster Link will work flawless.
*MonsterLink can also be used as Lead Magnet . It will be useful for content publishers .They can use it for content upgrades like pdf materials or something.
* MonsterLink is also helpful for small business. Users can increase their conversion rates by making any text, button, or image a profit generating machine. MonsterLink was integrated with Optin monster Yes / No forms. This option will be more useful for small business people because it helps to get engaged people.
*Split test option available in monster link.
*We can use separate monsterlink campaign for mobile type website and desktop website.
Monster link setup is very easy.
1.Set display rule
2.Next add monster link to website. Note that if you have WordPress OptinMonster API plugin it is little bit different .Kindly check optinmonster for more details.
Monsterlink types:
1.Default Text Monster Link
2. Button MonsterLink
3.Image MonsterLink
Not only for double optin . OptinMonster has all the requirements of a lead generation software and it can integrated with any email marketing service
13.Spam not only for people but also to marketers. So find the spam signups and remove it. You may have already seen this while creating your first wordpress website. You will get lot of comments but they are all bots. There will be no gain saying thanks to that comments. It’s a waste of time for you.
14.Try squeeze page and landing pages:
The purpose of squeeze page is mainly to get emails. Squeeze page mainly contains signup form with attractive headlines and small information which makes more attention to people .
Landing page looks like squeeze page but it actually differs from designing onwards. Because landing page consists information about a single product in a single page with simple and neat explanation.
So sometimes it can be used for knowledge purpose of a product . After viewing the full features of the product, visitor if he was satisfied he will buy the product.

15.Last but not least Test all your ideas to find which suits more for you.
That’s all friends . Hope you like it. Now try these tips to get higher conversions.

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How to Skyrocket Your Conversions with OptinMonster:Is It the Best Content Upgrade Tool?

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