How to add a Stats Dashboard on WordPress by MonsterInsights

Hi friends , in this article we are going to see How to add a Stats Dashboard on WordPress by MonsterInsights ?

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If we have a blog/website , it is important to know that whether it is going well or not? So , we need an analytics tool . Then only we can find how much traffic a post is receiving. It's not only about traffic but also about  which country comes most to your blog/website.

 What is the basic method to install Google Analytics in Wordpress?

  • First we have to go in this website
  • Next Signup for creating analytics account . 
  • Fill the details of Account Name , Website Name , Website URL , Industry Category, Reporting Time Zone . 
  • After finishing some other details , finally you have to get Tracking Id which contains Javascript Code.
  •  Next we have to place this tracking code in wordpress website.
There are lot of ways to add Google Analytics Tracking Code in Wordpress and i am sharing one of the method.
  • By using header and footer plugin we can easily paste the Google Analytics Tracking Code.
What is the drawback of the basic method to install Google Analytics in Wordpress?

  • We have to leave the WordPress dashboard to track the analytics.
  • You need some knowledge or atleast some interest in adding code. How many of you pasted some codes incorrect in wordpress themes and got white screen (or) some php error display? I have also done like this sometimes:) .  If you don't like to work for some code line then this basic install method is not for you.
  • For newbies , Google Analytics looks little bit complex for them . It's like entering a new mall (or) big building .It has everything in it but finding your required needs patience and more time.
To solve these issues try MonsterInsights which is  #1 Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress website/blog.
MonsterInsights says,

MonsterInsights makes it “effortless” to setup Google Analytics in WordPress, the RIGHT Way. Simply install the plugin and enable the features you want with just a few clicks, no coding needed!
Whether you  have Ecommerce Wordpress Website (Shop Owners ) , Blogs created with Wordpress (Bloggers/Publishers) , Buisness Websites created with Wordpress , Agencies and Developers who are using wordpress can also  use Monsterinsights to track their traffic within their wordpress dashboard. 

Pricing Plans of MonsterInsights:

Plus-$99.50 per year for 1 site(normally $199.00 per year ).Some features will not be available in this plan.
Pro-$199.50 per year for 5 sites (normally $399.00 per year ).All features available in this plan.
Agency-$399.50 per year for 25 sites (normally $799.00 per year ).All features available in this plan.

Next let we see how to setup the MonsterInsights Plugin in Wordpress Website/Blog. 
Goto MonsterInsights  website and download the MonsterInsights plugin.
Next upload the MonsterInsights plugin in your Wordpress Website/Blog and Activate the Plugin.
After successfull activation enter the license key of MonsterInsights Plugin.
To do this Go to the Insights » Settings page from your dashboard and enter in your plugin license key.

Next, we have to link our wordpress site with the Google Analytics account. 
It can be done by clicking the Connect MonsterInsights button below the license activation field.

Now it goes to the google account . From there, you’ll need to sign into your Google account or select a Google account if you’re already signed in.

If you have multiple Google accounts, make sure you log into the account you used for creating your Analytics account.

The Next Step will be we have to allow MonsterInsights to access Analytics account.
We have to click the Allow button to allow permission for MonsterInsights.

 In the next step, we will need to select the profile for the website/blog andwe have to confirm that we are a human by clicking the I’m not a robot checkbox.Then, click the Complete Authentication button.

That's all friends . We have completed the setup process. 
Now, we will be redirected back to our WordPress dashboard.

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