What is a website?

  • Hi friends , this content created for complete newbies to know the basic knowledge of what is a website.
What is a website

Let we see an example
Consider a house
A house is a collection of rooms
A website is a collection of webpages.
So what is a webpage?
Normally ,
A webpage contains information about  a company (or) their services  (or) their products.
  • Information may be in the form of, Text , Image,Video
How to create a website?
  • To create a website We need Hosting And domain.

So what is hosting?
What is needed to construct a house at first ?
You may think it may be Bricks Sand Or cement But The answer is no.

  • Because at first we need land to construct a house.
  • Hosting is an online storage / place where we can upload our websites.
  • Next, What is domain?
  • To visit the website visitors need to enter ip address which is the location of hosting,where the website was uploaded.
  • Again , consider a house .
  • It is difficult for your guests to find the house with the address, as it is not easy to remember.
  • Now , A name was given to the house called as “Happy House” . This identity name will be easy for the guests to remember.
  • Next , It is difficult for the visitors to find website with the Ip address,as it is not easy to remember.

  • Here comes the Domain name as a solution.
A domain name can be connected to this ip address
and the users can use this domain name to visit the website as it is easy to remember.

If you don’t know , how to create website.Try Weebly – A samert drag and drop website builder.

Goto this link : Try Weebly to create a website

Check the article as video: 

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