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How to Connect Google Analytics with OptinMonster

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Hi friends in this video we are going to see how to connect google analytics with optinmonster
In optinmonster choose any one site and select any one campaign.
Next  click edit campaign .
Goto Analytics tab.
Click connect button
And next click generate authentication code
Login with your gmail username and password.
Kindly  note that the sites in optinmonster should be connected with google analytics already.
That google analytics connected gmail account must be logged in here
Click Allow button which helps optinmonster to view google analytics data.
Copy the code and return to optinmonster.
Paste the code in the field of google authentication code.
as mentioned here Account label can be used for internal use only and does not make changes with integration connection.
Give a name to label according to your wish.
Now click next button
Now choose the website which you want to view analytics data
Goto publish tab. Make the status live and save the campaign.
In wordpress dashboard refresh and retrieve the new campaign in optinmonster plugin.
Be sure you have added short code in required post or page.
Now return to optinmonster analytics tab and click view analytics.
We can see google analytics was successfully connected with optinmonster.
We can also see other campaigns analytics of the connected google analytics site
Watch the content as video below:
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