How to Create Spin to Win Campaigns in WooCommerce and Shopify

Hi friends in this article we are going to see How to Create Spin to Win Campaigns in WooCommerce and Shopify.

Spin to win Campaign is on of the gamified method which can also be used to reduce abandoned carts by providing awesome offers which makes user to think not to miss the offer. 
If you want to know about  gamification read the next lines.
Gamification is a process of applying only game principles and game designs in a website (or) in smartphone apps(i.e non game fields) .
Is Gamification so much important in web/internet platforms? . 
Yes,Gamification so much important in web/internet platforms becuase the game makes user to interact more and it will excite users by providing Points, Reward , Batches and more. Additional information is the gamification process can be applied to one part of email marketing strategy. There are lot of methods in gamification and we are going to share one of the method which can be called as Spin to Win Campaign ( we can also call it as Gamified Coupon Wheel Discount Campaign or Prize Wheel Campaign).
The Gamified wheel is nothing but an optin form Where users will see a wheel (contains one hand like in clock ) in the optin form which contains sections for  coupon codes,free trials, ebook and more. The user needs to spin the wheel and which offer stops at the end of hand , the user will get that offer.

So how can you add Spin to Win Campaigns in WooCommerce and Shopify website?
First we are going to see how to add spin to win in wordpress site.
After that we have added videos about  how to add spin to win in support & woocommerce.

To create spin to win campaign for your website we need an online tool . OptinMonster is the online lead generation tool which an do that task.
Click Create New Campaign.

Next choose the Campaign Type as Gamified.
And select anyone Gamified Campaign Template.
Next Give Name to Campaign
Select Website which you want to load the campaign.
After that click start building.

Next we will see design page of spin to win campaign,
Click the wheel image .
Next choose Wheel.And click Edit Wheel Section.
For better understanding check below image.

Here you Toggle on/off a section. You can set desired Name of the Coupon using Label Field. In Coupon Code field enter the Coupon Code.
When will the coupon code will appear to the user? 
The coupon code will appear to the users only when they give email address . After that only they will be able to  play the wheel. When the wheel rotation ends and a wheel section which is in the pointer /arrow mark & if that wheel section has coupon code it will be displayed.
Next goto display rules.Be sure you are in the first step called as Condition. Optinmonster's new design makes easy to select the rules.Now i am using exit intent option.So the spin to win wheel appears when visitor leaves the website.

Next i have selected all devices .And also set the sensitivity to high. 

If you have used woocommerce in your wordpress site, this option is enough.And also this option is more than enough for shopify website.still if you want to customize it you can do that also.
Proceed to next step and choose optin type for the campaign view.So summary will be like below image.Save the campaign from time to time.Get OptinMonster

Now we can directly goto Publish options & you can set the status to live.
Now if you have installed woocommerce on wordpress site.the procedure is same as wordpress.I have set woocommerce in a post.
just be sure you have enabled the campaign live.
Still you want i need only for woocommerce & shopify. No worries.Check below video which was taken in June 2020.And it is available only in this post.First one is shopify

Next video integrating woocommerce in wordpress with optinmonster.Get OptinMonster
Next a demo of creating spin to win campaign for woocommerce store.
So the concept is we have to ,
2.While creating campaign, in display rules , in the field we can choose exit intent from newly designed option. Next using And operation & selecting newly designed Ecommerce , in that selecting Woo commerce. And choosing required condition.
Here we gave one example , like that create campaign according to your ecommerce needs.
That's all friends. Thankyou

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