How to Easily Boost Your Email List with Content Locking

If you want to get more leads (or) an email marketing list for your site then you should try Content Locking method.

Ok,Your Next Question will be What is a Content Locker ?

A Content Locker blurs or hides, whole or specific area of special content to visitors, until they complete an action in that website.

The action can be liking ,sharing,subscribing the website.

Here is an example of how Content Locker works:

A user finds an important tutorial content in your website,which he really searching in web & wants to learn .Now he found out the tutorial content but the part of the page looks blurred.
Above the blurred area, he sees a notice: “Subscribe Our Newsletter” to read this tutorial.
The tutorial content will remain unavailable unless the user subscribes.
When the user subscribes the newsletter with his email, now the blurred content will be removed & full content will be displayed.


What content can be locked with ContentLocker?

Example: Ebooks,PDF,Valuable articles, Research articles.
Example: Important Step Screenshot, First time showing profile picture in the website etc.)

Video Files

Example: mp4
Music Files

Example: mp3

Advantages of using Content Locker

  • Increase your social media likes & shares.
  • Get Revenue by asking users to pay for the special content.
  • Grow your Email List.

It is also found that ,In B2B content marketing 80% of assets are gated.
Photowebo increased conversions 3806% by using content locker feature.
Using Content Locker Whole Whale increased conversions by100% .


How to add content lockers to WordPress Websites/Any other html Websites?

OptinMonster Plugin:

1 Million+ websites are using OptinMonster to turn their traffic into subscribers, leads and sales.

Note: Kindly understand that you should have purchased anyone OptinMonster plan.More you pay more features will be available.
We have used OptinMonster Growth plan in this article.

Get OptinMonster

OptinMonster Pricing Plans:

The amount is billed per year basis.With discount offer , the pricing plan starts with $9/month to $49/month, whereas their regular price starts from $19/month to $99/month .

Get OptinMonster

Plan names of OptinMonster:

1.Basic Plan [$9/month where normal price is $14/month] [Very Very Limited Features]
2.Plus Plan  [$19/month where normal price is $30/month] [Very Limited Features]
3.Pro Plan   [$29/month where normal price is $47/month]  [Limited Features]
4.Growth Plan [$49/month where normal price is $80/month] [All Features]

Get OptinMonster

Features of OptinMonster:

OptinMonster has lot of Features.So let we split the features as small sections like below.
1.Account Features
2.Form Types
3.Design & Effects
4.Smart Controls
Account Features
Supported Sites  
Supported Campaigns  
Provider Integrations
Analytics / Reporting
List Segmentation              
Page Level Targeting              
Integrated A/B Testing              
Campaign Archives              
Priority Support              
Custom Branding              
Activity Logging              
Client Logins

Form Types:
Lightbox Popups              
Floating Bars              
Inline Forms                                       
Sidebar Forms              
Slide-In Scroll Boxes              
Fullscreen Overlays              
Custom eCommerce Forms              
Coupon Wheel Campaigns
Design & Effects:

Beautiful Template Library              
Drag & Drop Builder              
Custom Fonts              
Custom CSS              
Custom Success Messages              
Success Redirects              
Yes / No Multi-Step Forms              
Countdown Timers              
Remove OptinMonster Badge
Smart Controls:
Timed-Display Control              
Scroll Triggering              
Subscriber Recognition              
Content Locking              
Device Targeting              
MonsterLinks 2-Step Forms              
Exit Intent® Technology              
Cart & Form Abandonment              
Campaign Scheduling              
Smart Tags              
UTM Campaign Targeting              
Referral Detection              
Cookie Retargeting              
Lead Sharing              
OnSite Retargeting              
OnSite Follow-up Campaigns              
Geolocation Targeting              
Adblock Detection              
Success Scripts              
Behaviour Automation


Get OptinMonster

Ok, now let we see the tutorial,

Click create new campaign.



Choose campaign type inline.



Next we have to choose a template. I am using metro template for this demo.



Give a name to inline campaign.

Select the website which you want to load this campaign. Click start building.



I am going to enable Lock Content Below Campaign.We have two options.Obfuscation and Removal.


Get OptinMonster

For example if we use Removal content locking style the content below campaign will be hided.

For example, before using Removal content locking style the content will look like below


After using Removal content locking style the content will look like below .


if we use Obfuscation content locking style the content below campaign will be blurred.


Ok choose your content lock style .

Now i am going to publish tab and changing the status from pause to live.



Save these settings.



Goto your wordpress dashboard and refresh campaign in optinmonster plugin to retrieve the campaign.



Click edit output settings of that particular campaign.



Copy the shortcode.



Paste the shortcode in wordpress post which you want to load this campaign .



Update the post. Now load the post in the browser. We can see the Content Locker campaign is loading successfully.


We can see that content below campaign was blurred. So now If a visitor wants to see the content below inline campaign he has to signup the newsletter and after that he can see the content.

Get OptinMonster


That’s all friends.. Thank you. :)

2020 Update:   Get OptinMonster - Macbook Pro

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