How to get More subscribers and Conversions using Countdown Timers

Hi friends in this post we are going to see How to get More subscribers and sales using Countdown Timers.

  • Time is most commonly used to compare the events interval between them by us.
  • In E-commerce & Email Marketing Industry time can be used for reducing abandonment cart & for getting more subscribers.
  • How is it possible to use time as a strategy for above online fields?.Here comes the countdown timer.
  • Countdown timers creates sense of urgency and  it will drive an increased number of peoples to respond, the final result will be huge peak in sales.
  • Countdown timer tactic must be used in a proper way to yield big results.Still Confusing? Let we explain.You have an ecommerce site means instead of using countdown timer for all products,use the countdown timer during black friday and cyber monday deals,New Year,Holiday Campaigns, Seasonal Campaigns, Flash Product Sales.
  • Let we see Amazon is using countdown timer in their website.In Amazon website, goto Today’s Deals.

Next You can see list of products available with countdown timer like in below image.

Note that they have used countdown timer in Today’s Deals Page Only.

Amazon not only stops with it.They approached countdown timer in another unique way . In some of the pre-release deals (or) in a demanding product , When you try to purchase anyone product it will show a count down timer which asks to wait for some minutes.It’s because you are not a premium member! . If you are a premium member without any delay you can proceed to checkout .Maybe you have also seen like this.
Like Amazon you should be aware where to use the count down timer.

From above we can understand getting more subscribers and sales is possible using countdown timer in

So,How to create Countdown Timers for your website?
Try Optinmonster. Optinmonster is an online software which we can create optin forms .From Floating bar to other campaign you can add countdowntimer to the forms.Optinmonster works on HTML and Wordpress websites.And so almost all websites.
Let we see how to set countdown timer in optinmonster.(Note: Countdown timer available in Pro & Growth Plans of Optinmonster)

Choose anyone Campaign Type.Here Popup Campaign is selected but you can choose any other campaign type

Next choose a Campaign Template.

Name the Popup Campaign and select the website which you want to run this campaign.

                                                                       Buy Optinmonster

Next Set the desired fields.To choose Countdown Timer click the Blocks.

Click Elements

Now choose Countdown Element.Drag and Drop Countdown Element in the Template Form.

The Countdown Element Settings has two types.
Now you will ask what is the difference between static and dynamic countdown element.
Let we see it.
Static Countdown Type helps to show the timer details same to everyone (i.e showing same endtime Globally) who visits the website.
                                                                     Buy Optinmonster

Here End Date and End Time will be displayed.

The other options are Timezone which helps to set time according to your preferred time zone like Visitor’s Local Time / Eastern Standard Time(EST) / Central Standard Time (CST) / Mountain Standard Time (MST) / Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) / Pacific Standard Time (PST) .
Unit Display Type is also available .It helps to show date formats in different types .One example is Day/Hours/Minutes/Seconds.
Style options available.
                                                          Buy Optinmonster
These are the options which differs from dynamic type.

Dynamic Countdown Type helps to show the different timer details to the users(ie. Showing length of time different to users )  who visits the website.

Here the field little bit differs from static type.The EndDate/Time has four small fields in series where you can set Date,Hours,Minutes,Seconds .

Style options available.
You can Toggle off/on the above four small fields with a button.
Countdown Action:
Close the campaign: closes the campaign so the countdown is no longer viewable
Show a view: choose a view, like the success view, that will show instead
Restart the countdown: will restart the timer (only available for dynamic countdowns)

  • Do other tasks like Display Rules , Integrations and finally publish it.
Also check the article as video:

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