Optinmonster Review 2019: Smart lead generation tool

  • If you have any type of website , subscriber amount decides the website growth.
  • To increase subscribers , email marketing is preferred method . When email marketing is performed in right path , growing email list is simple and easy.
  • So , To increase the number of sign-ups you need a good lead generation tool.OptinMonster is the one you should look if you want more leads.
  • OptinMonster is an online lead generation tool.OptinMonster helps to build beautiful optin forms (or) you can start from scratch.
  • And OptinMonster can be used from Wordpress Websites (32% of world wide usage) to any HTML Websites.
  • OptinMonster can be integrated with top email marketing service providers.
  • You don’t need any coding knowledge to create forms in optinmonster as it has smart drag and drop builder.
OptinMonster Pricing Plans:
The amount is billed per year basis.With discount offer , the pricing plan starts with $9/month to $49/month, whereas their regular price starts from $19/month to $99/month .
Plan names of OptinMonster are
1.Basic Plan [Very Very Limited Features]
2.Plus Plan  [Very Limited Features]
3.Pro Plan  [Limited Features]
4.Growth Plan [All Features]

You can remove OptinMonster Badge in Pro and Growth Plan.

Features of OptinMonster:
OptinMonster has lot of Features.So let we split the features as small sections like below.
1.Account Features
2.Form Types
3.Design & Effects
4.Smart Controls
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Account Features
Supported Sites   
Supported Campaigns   
Provider Integrations
Analytics / Reporting
List Segmentation               
Page Level Targeting               
Integrated A/B Testing               
Campaign Archives               
Priority Support               
Custom Branding               
Activity Logging               
Client Logins

Form Types:
Lightbox Popups               
Floating Bars               
Inline Forms            
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Sidebar Forms               
Slide-In Scroll Boxes               
Fullscreen Overlays               
Custom eCommerce Forms               
Coupon Wheel Campaigns

Design & Effects

Beautiful Template Library               
Drag & Drop Builder               
Custom Fonts               
Custom CSS               
Custom Success Messages               
Success Redirects               
Yes / No Multi-Step Forms               
Countdown Timers               
Remove OptinMonster Badge

Smart Controls
Timed-Display Control               
Scroll Triggering               
Subscriber Recognition               
Content Locking               
Device Targeting               
MonsterLinks 2-Step Forms               
Exit Intent® Technology               
Cart & Form Abandonment               
Campaign Scheduling               
Smart Tags               
UTM Campaign Targeting               
Referral Detection               
Cookie Retargeting               
Lead Sharing               
OnSite Retargeting               
OnSite Follow-up Campaigns               
Geolocation Targeting               
Adblock Detection               
Success Scripts               
Behaviour Automation

What is Campaign Type in OptinMonster?
  • Whether you need a popup form for your website (or) a count down timer (or) whatever it may be , for all form types first you need to create a campaign for that.
You can also check the following links for,
 how to set coupon wheel campaign in optinmonster.
How to set countdown timer in optinmonster

  • One of the sample was given below.The campaign types are
2.Full screen
3.Slide-in Scroll Box
4.Floating Bar
Popup Forms
Popup Forms are forms which will be displayed in visual frontend suddenly and it’s size will be smaller (or) larger  which is similar to small dialog box which opens in computer.
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Full screen Forms
When visitors view your website they will see a Full Screen Form which includes signup option and it is called as full screen forms (or) full screen overlay forms.
Slide-In Scroll Box
Slide-In Scroll Box are one type of form will be displayed at bottom of right side in website and it can able to stand still even when the visitors scroll down the website.

Floating Bar
Floating bars will be displayed at the top or bottom of website to the visitor computer/mobile screen, and it will scroll along with visitor computer/mobile screen.

Inline Forms
Inline forms are best for blog posts (also can be added below posts for giving good reading experience to visitors) , website pages, Sidebars of website and high quality (or) tutorial contents.

Design & Effects

  • OptinMonster has lot of beautiful pre-made templates.
  • We can also custom Font and Css.
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Custom Success Messages
  • We can Customize success page in OptinMonster.And this option is most useful for existing (or) recent subscribers. Custom Success Message can be used to set beautiful Thank you Page (or) Double –Optin Confirmation.
  • It can also be used at Subscribe to Download , To Display Promo Codes and more.
  • Subscriber Recognition is the smart control option used here.
  • In the Display rules you need to look for visitors who have already opted-in and set other options according to your work.
Success Redirects
Success Redirects in OptinMonster is a super feature where you can mention an URL where you want the visitor to be redirected when a successful optin action happened.
MonsterEffects & Monster Sounds:
  • MonsterEffects by OptinMonster will give animation effects to the forms.OptinMonster have 26 Css Animation effects.Some effects are bounce , flash and push.
  • To activate this you just need to set Display Rule and Action Settings .
  • Monster Sounds will give sound effects when the forms displayed.Some sounds are Ping , Pong , Flam , Arppegio .
Yes / No Multi-Step Forms:

  • OptinMonster has Yes / No Multi-Step Forms . And it is working well for conversions !.
As explained by the psychology principle,
Zeigarnik Effect, people who begin an action are more likely to complete it which means that visitors who click the Yes button are more likely to opt in. People are also more likely to opt in if they feel they have a choice.
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Smart Controls
Timed-Display Control

  • We can set Time triggered Popup Forms in OptinMonster. This option will be useful to gain some subscribers who are inconvenient with popup forms.This Timed –Display Control will make delay to show pop up forms .
  • For better results you can combine Timed –Display Control with Device Targeting to show same (or)different forms at different times to Smart Phone Users,Tablet Users and  Computer Users.
Scroll Triggering
  • In this content we have discussed about Slide in Scroll Box.And once again to gain some not convinced visitors (who don’t like popups) to subscribers Scroll Triggering was used to give delayed show in optinmonster .
  • In the Display Rules option choose distance scrolled and set other details according to your wish.
  • Slide in Scroll Box with Scroll Triggering  also helps to reduce bounce rate .One of the reason Slide in Scroll Box not interrupts very much to the visitor.
Inactivity Sensor
  • Whatever you try to sell in smartphones, it is essential to achieve the successful purchase of your product.Otherwise it will lead to waste of time and money.
  • If you have OptinMonster you can able to minimize the not finalized purchases.It is possible using OptinMonster’s Inactivity Sensor.
  • Inactivity sensor displays popup based on user activity like when user leaves the site.If you want to reduce the abandonment rate in mobile you should try OptinMonster’s Inactivity Sensor.
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Note: OptinMonster’s  Exit-intent will not work on mobile devices.Instead try Inactivity Sensor inmobile devices.
Content Locking

If you have extra-ordinary content (or) exposing useful tutorial then you can get some users as subscribers by locking content in the blog posts.They will be ready to provide their email address to unlock the content.
Device Targeting
Everybody knows whether it is a giant search engine or other search engines, responsive websites is also considered as a ranking factor.
It is not limited to only websites but also for the pop-up forms.Since OptinMonster has Device Targeting option you will feel happy for its smart feature.
MonsterLinks 2-Step Forms
In your website if you have OptinMonster , you can turn images and links into a two-step optin form
Exit Intent Technology
OptinMonster has exit intent technology option which will display forms when the visitors leave the website.
Smart Tags
  • Smart Tags helps to provide dynamic content in popup forms.
  • For example if a US visitor visits the website(which has optinmonster smart tags)  can able to display the text United States in the forms after using smart tags country.
  • Like the above we can also display Day,Date,Country,City,Zipcode,Name,Email and more
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UTM Campaign Targeting
  • First we need to see what is UTM ? .
UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) Code parameter is a small snippet of code added to your URL which allows you to track information about the source, medium and campaign of the link.
  • UTM Link can be created using Google Campaign URL Builder.
With the help of OptinMonster we can target traffic from your Pay-Per-Click campaign like Adwords (or) Facebook Ads.
Referral Detection
OptinMonster helps to target visitors coming from a specific traffic source like  google , facebook and more.
Note: It is not possible to use Referral Detection to hide/show campaigns to visitors arriving from created email newsletter in OptinMonster.
Cookie Retargeting

With OptinMonster’s Cookie Retargeting, it is possible to build own retargeting audience onsite to create an effective lead generation process that owner can totally control.
Lead Sharing
OptinMonster helps to import and export leads from one source to another easily.And so it saves more time when comparing to manual sharing.
OnSite Retargeting
This option helps to show different campaigns to existing subscribers for new promotions and offers.Showing same Popup forms to existing subscribers will bore them.
So this Onsite Retargeting will be helpful.
OnSite Follow-up Campaigns
OptinMonster for the OnSite Follow-up Campaigns behavioral automation feature lets you present another offer as soon as shoppers close or accept the first one.
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Geolocation Targeting
From OptinMonster
The Geo-Location rule lets you target your campaigns to visitors who are physically in a specific region, from a country all the way down to a city.
Adblock Detection
OptinMonster can help you bypass AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, and other ad blockers, and recover the income that’s going down the drain.
So why are you still waiting if you feel satisfied , after viewing features Just go to OptinMonster website.

2020 Update:   Get OptinMonster - Macbook Pro

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