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  • Hi friends in this article we are going to see how to set coupon wheel discount in wordpress . In email marketing , forms plays a vital role and it is evolving and we have also seen in our previous blog posts about them.

  • So what is gamification?
  • If  you are new to the term gamification you need to read this first .
  • Gamification is a process which applies only game principles and game designs in a website (or) in smartphone apps(i.e non game fields) .
  • Now your next question will be , Why Gamification needed?The answer is simple , the game makes user more interactions and it will excite users by providing batches , Reward Points and more. And this gamification process can be applied to one part of email marketing strategy. There are lot of methods in gamification and we are going to share one of the method which can be called as Coupon Wheel Discount .Some others also using this method as prize wheel.

  • The coupon wheel is nothing but an optin form Where users can find a wheel (contains one hand like in clock ) in the optin form which contains sections for  coupon codes,free trials, ebook and more. The user needs to spin the wheel and which offer stops at the end of hand , the user will get that offer.

  • Optinmonster have this coupon wheel option and it can used from wordpress to any html websites. OptinMonster is a lead generation software which uses various technologies and helps to get more subscribers , conversions and more . OptinMonster can be used in anytype of html websites.

Note: Coupon Wheel Campaignscomes only in Growth plan of OptinMonster. Growth Plan is normally $99/mo (billed annually) but with offer 49$/mo (billed annually).
  • Next in OptinMonster you need to select Fullscreen Campaign.

  • In the next step we need to choose template. At present coupon wheel  is available in 3 color templates (Wheel-Blue ,Wheel – Green , Wheel -Red ) . And at the same time these templates can be customizable.

After choosing the template , next you need to give a name for your campaign. And Choose your website. Finally click  Start Building.

Next is the Editing Gamified Wheel Element and here you can customize the Wheel  , Font and Block colours and more other options according to your wish.

You can also add your own Logo in the center.

We can set text for the different sections in the wheel.To do this, In the wheel option. Click Edit Wheel Section.

Change Text, Enter Coupon Code names .Simple Toggle buttons to set ON/OFF Win Chance and easy to use.

Next you custmoize more with other features like exit-intent technoloy,Geo targeting.Finally click Publish.
That’s all friends.

  • Next in your wordpress site .Install optinmonster .
  • Be sure you bought a Growth Plan .Enter your API Key .
  • If you have no API Key. Goto your OptinMonster Account and create an API Key.
  • Now copy that API Key and paste in Wordpress Optinmonster API Key. Now you can see all the campaigns created in OptinMonster Dashboard.
  • Just Activate the Coupon Wheel Campaign.    

Optinmonster Comes with lot of other features like exit-content and more. So you can further increase conversions.
Ok. Let we see how Gamification made impact to some companies.
Pepsico wants to reach to new digital audience and they tried gamified coupons. Note that have also used Spin-to-win as one of the option by providing different coupons. And overall ROI was 9x !.

2020 Update:   Get OptinMonster - Macbook Pro

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