How to set up free email forwarding in godaddy 2018

Hi friends in this article we are going to see how to set free email forwarding in godaddy
  • Note that we will get only virtual email address like example [at] domain[dot]com by providing anyone of your using email address like gmail as a forward account .
  • Also note that we will not get entire email settings like we have in gmail.
Godaddy provides 100 free forward email address for a domain.

  • We can redeem at godaddy account using additional products.
  • Senders can just send message to forward mail from their normal gmail .
  • And you will get the message at mentioned email address like gmail.
  • First login to your godaddy account.
  • Click additional products.
  • Click Redeem and get the free email forwarding service.
  • Now it will load the Workspace control center page
  • Here click the create forward
  • At forward this email address , I have given admin [at]techinfoweb[dot]com. Like that give your desired email with your domain account.
  • I am filling my using gmail address at To these email address
  • Finally click create.
  • Reload the page .
  • Now it will show the free forward mail account but we need to wait for sometime to finish the setup process.
  • After the email setup finished, I am testing by sending a mail to forward email address.
Now I got message which I mentioned “To these email address”
  • We can also set auto reply option in this forward service
  • In the workspace control center choose your mail and click Edit.
  • godaddy-edit-username-email-forward
  • Enable auto reply
  • I am using the frequency once per message.
  • Next I am checking enter an email address. It will automatically considers the mail admin[at]techinfoweb[dot]com
  • I am choosing first option of the auto reply. The autoreply subject will be same as sender subject here.
  • Fill the message according to your wish.
  • Finally click save and wait for some time.
  • Now I am testing auto reply option by sending a message.
  • And we can see it is working perfectly.
Additonal information:
  • If you want to use free email forwarding always follow the upcoming steps.
  • First click options in email forwarding.
  • Next choose Launch control center.
  • And next use only create forward option.
That’s all friends . Thank you.
Also check the article as video.

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