How to Add Easy, Powerful Google Analytics in WooCommerce

Hi friends in this article we are going to see How to Add Easy, Powerful Google Analytics in WooCommerce.
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Some of the report tools and features of enhanced  ecommerce  Google Analytics are,

Shopping and purchasing behavior Economic performance
Merchandising success 
Product Attribution
Getting Ecommerce data from your site to Analytics
Partner Gallery

Why we are mentioning  enhanced  ecommerce Google Analytics ?
Because in this article we are talking Woocommerce & for that this option need to be enabled.

Ok, now go to your google analytics account. And select your woocommerce website.

Scroll down & click admin.

Click Ecommerce settings.

Click enable ecommerce.

After enabling you can see like below that the toggle button is on.

Next enable enhanced ecommerce reporting.

After enabling you can see like below that the toggle button is on.

Finally click the save button.
But wait , you are using woocommerce plugin in wordpress , how to see analytics report within wordpress dashboard.
Here comes the MonsterInsights plugin.
Let we see how to do it.

With the help of MonsterInsights ecommerce add-on , we can set the Enhanced eCommerce for our WooCommerce Google Analytics tracking.

For that goto Add-on page of MonsterInsights plugin and activate the ecommerce add-on.

After activation of the ecommerce add-on.

Next goto settings. Click ecommerce . Finally toggle on/ enable enhanced ecommerce.

And we can see MonsterInsights automatically detected and enabled enhanced ecommerce for woocommerce.
That's all friends now go to Reports & click ecommerce.And in this ecommerce report page we can view the stats of conversion rate, transactions, revenue and average order value

Next when we scroll down, here we can see the Top Products report. It helps to view the details of top sold products in your woocommerce site. Additional to this here we can get the details of quantity ordered, percentage of sales, and total revenue it generated.
The Top Conversion Sources report shows the website details which send in the most converting traffic to our woocommerce website. Here It also displays the number of visits, their overall percentage, and the revenue they contribute.
Using these datas we can find source which we need to focus  more for promotions of our products.

When we scroll down further, we can see the reports of Total Add to Carts and Total Removed from Cart. It shows the number of products our customers added and those that they removed at checkout.

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