How To See The Keywords People Use To Find Your Website with MonsterInsights

Hi friends , in this article we are going to see How To See The Keywords People Use To Find Your Website with MonsterInsights .

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Ok first we saw in general about why people visits a website before we look into how People Use To Find Your Website and which keywords makes them to visit your website.

Whenever a website contains information resources people go that site.
Social Media one of the way people finds a site and nowadays plays a vital role in online world. A content becomes viral and the social media is also one of the reason
Next is word of mouth . This method also grabs some people to the website.

Video sharing websites also one of the most viewed websites so far.

And finally the Search Engines !. Before the birth of search engines more websites visited by people.But Now things have been changed .Whatever the thing people first entering search engine websites and after that they selectively choose the website to look for the content.
 The above points are shared with the point of content based network based.But we need to also consider the ecommerce websites . Nowadays  a person unique products (or) creative products can create an e-commerce website by himself.Since they are unique products people were more likely to visit that particular websites. Products means it not only about physical but also about digital.Ebooks is one example.Gaming websites is another best example.Gaming websites contains online games and also as a sofware games (digital)

I want to share some data to you so you can better understand the above points.

Alexa and Similar Web are two famous websites for giving ranks to websites.

SimilarWeb's Top 5 rank websites: Update date: August 1 , 2019

Alexa's Top 5 rank websites: We looked the below data in September 2019
5. Qq

Let we come to our topic How To See The Keywords People Use To Find Your Website with MonsterInsights .

As we already said people are selectively visiting websites because of search engines . So we need to put some work to make more visibility in the search engines.Here comes the search engine optimization . Next we need to also know which content attracting more people to my websites.And here comes the analytics .

In general google search console and google analytics will help you to find the top keywords.If you have a wordpress website You can use MonsterInsights for better tracking.

How to view blog/website keywords in google search console?

First login to Google Search Console.
You can also use below link to goto Google Search Console and after that you have to login

Based on above numbers in image i am explaining one by one.
1.In the First, you have to choose required website which you want to find keywords
2.Click Performance
3.Click new
4.Choose Query
5.The keywords will be displayed based on the clicks and impressions.

How to view blog/website keywords in google analytics?

First login to Google Analytics
You can also use below link to goto Google Analytics Website and after that you have to login

We have to choose steps 1 and 2 as shown in above image and finally we have to click All Website to see Google Analytics Report.

Next ,
1.Click Acquisition
2.Choose Search Console
3. Finally click Queries to get the keywords report.
Kindly check below image for better understanding.The image was very big , so we split them into left side and right side.

And if you are using Wordpress Websites then MonsterInsights will be good choice for you.

Features of MonsterInsights in short: 
Universal Tracking
Google Analytics Dashboard
Real-time Stats
Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
Page Level Analytics
Affiliate Link & Ads Tracking
EU Compliance (GDPR Friendly)
Custom Dimensions
Performance & Optimize
Supports ecommerce plugins Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce,and MemberPress
MonsterInsights - Plans and Pricing:
Plus-$99.50 per year for 1 site(normally $199.00 per year ).Some features will not be available in this plan. And Search Console Report is not available on the Basic plan.

Both Pro and Agency supports Search Console Report
Pro-$199.50 per year for 5 sites (normally $399.00 per year ).All features available in this plan.
Agency-$399.50 per year for 25 sites (normally $799.00 per year ).All features available in this plan.
How to install MonsterInsights in Wordpress Website/Blog?
  • Next let we see how to setup the MonsterInsights Plugin in Wordpress Website/Blog.
  • Goto Website and download the MonsterInsights plugin.Next upload the MonsterInsights plugin in your Wordpress Website/Blog and Activate the Plugin.
  • After successfull activation enter the license key of MonsterInsights Plugin.
  • To do this Go to the Insights » Settings page from your dashboard and enter in your plugin license key.
How to connect MonsterInsights with Google Analytics Account?

  • Ok,Now, we are going to connect our wordpress site with the Google Analytics account.
  • It can be done by clicking the Connect MonsterInsights button below the license activation field.
  • Now it goes to the google account . 
  • From there, you’ll need to sign into your Google account or select a Google account if you’re already signed in. 
  • If you have multiple Google accounts, make sure you log into the account you used for creating your Analytics account.

  • The Next Step will be we have to allow MonsterInsights to access Analytics account.
  • We have to click the Allow button to allow permission for MonsterInsights.
  •  In the next step, we will need to select the profile for the website/blog andwe have to confirm that we are a human by clicking the I’m not a robot checkbox.
  • Then, click the Complete Authentication button.
  •  Now, we will be redirected back to our WordPress dashboard.
  • Be sure you have added and verified your site on Google search console.And it is important to do this.
  • And now we can view site’s top 50 search terms in your MonsterInsights reports.
  • To view search reports we have to navigate to Insights » Reports from your WordPress dashboard. 
  • There, you’ll see your site’s analytics overview report. Go to the Search Console tab in the top of the report. 

That's all friends.Thank you.

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