How to Boost Sales with Popular Posts Lists in WordPress

Hi friends in this article we are going to see How to Boost Sales with Popular Posts Lists in WordPress.

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Do you know why some visitors browsing more time in some websites ? . One reason is for sure, that websites have added popular posts in right places.

When a post/page is viewed in that websites,definitely they will look  atleast one of the post listed in popular posts.

A post is popular means it is entertaining or it is useful .

And in turn the visitors share this article to the friends and so more visitors to that website.

And if the popular post is about product which is more useful for people it will increase sales when comparing to the post which is not sorted in popular option.

Ok let we see how to add popular posts in wordpress websites.


Try MonsterInsights Paid Version to add  popular posts in websites. I can hear you are asking, What? ! . My answer will be “yes”. And first we see about MonsterInsights , after that we will see how to use MonsterInsights to add popular posts in website.

About MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is a google analytics plugin for wordpress.
While writing this article, MonsterInsights has 2+ million downloads & has 4.6 Average Rating.

Its features,   

 Custom Reports

Analytics Dashboard
Dashboard Widget
Email Summaries
Page Insights
Date Range History
Real Time Report
Publishers Report
Ecommerce Report
Search Console
PDF Exports
Form Conversions
Custom Dimensions
Headline Analyzer

Tracking Solutions

Universal Tracking
EU Compliance
Engagement Tracking
eCommerce Tracking
Enhanced Ecommerce
Form Conversions
File Downloads
Enhanced Link Tracking
Scroll Tracking
Affiliate Links
Banner Ads
Google AMP
FB Instant Articles
Easy Digital Downloads
Custom Dimensions
Author Tracking
Logged-in User Tracking
Custom Post Types
Category / Tags Tracking
SEO Score Tracking
Google Optimize

Supports ecommerce plugins Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce,and MemberPress

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MonsterInsights Pricing plans:

1.Plus – $99.50/year (Regular Price $199/year) – Upto 1 site
2.Pro – $199.50/year (Regular Price $399/year)- Upto 5 sites
3.Agency-$399.50/year(Regular Price $799/year)-Upto 25 sites

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Ok, let we come back to the topic.

MonsterInsights in their recent version 7.13.0 & in wordpress tested upto Tested up to  5.5.


New: Popular Posts - promote your top content across your website using automatic placement, sidebar widgets and Gutenberg Blocks. Choose themes and update styles directly visually in your WordPress admin.
New: Contextual Insights - Ever wondered how to use the analytics data you’re tracking? With our new Contextual Insights feature we’ll show you suggestions specific to your data directly in the MonsterInsights dashboard.
Tweak: Our Headline Analyzer options are now only visible for WordPress versions that support it.
Tweak: We added more exceptions to our duplicate tracker checks to avoid false positives.
Tweak: Our dashboard widget is now better integrated with the WP 5.5 changes.
Tweak: Reports with empty values are now properly displayed instead of staying hidden.

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And here we are going to see popular post feature in MonsterInsights here.


In 3 methods we can insert popular posts.

1.Display Popular posts inline (i.e)  within the text of your content.


And it has multiple themes and each themes comes with

a) Layout

b) Colors [ it can be edited ]

c) Font size [ it can be changed ]

d) Labels [ it will be very easy to add here]

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Some of the theme names are,












2.Display Popular posts as widget (i.e) popular posts(upto 10 ) can be added to anywhere on website, sidebar,below the post.



3.If your wordpress website running woocommerce , then MonsterInsights will display popular products.


Get MonsterInsights

Let we see how to do it?

First install  and activate MonsterInsights Pro plugin in your wordpress website.

Next in the MonsterInsights, install the Addon Dimensions.

We have also wrote an detailed article how to add custom dimension in monsterinsights for author type.

Sometimes Post type dimension take 24 –48 hours in Google Analytics. So upto that , just wait.

We can add Widget in 3 ways.


2.Based on shares

3.Based on Comments

Let we see how to add posts manually,

In Monsterinsights, Click Insights.

Next  Popular posts and after that inline popular posts .

Now in Sort by option,

Click on Curated radio button,


Now list of posts will be imported in the field of select posts/search.


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How to Automatically add Top 5 posts from Google Analytics?

Important Note:

1.This option is working based on the 30 days and first 5 top posts.

2. To make this option to work , we will also have to enable Curated - Sort by option

It’s also very easy.

In MonsterInsights first go to Insights.

Next goto Popular posts and there choose inline popular posts .

Finally select Automated + Curated.

And here Toggle on the option Add Top 5 Posts from Google Analytics.



Now a configuration button with check box option will appear.

Get MonsterInsights

Check that button & a successful message will be displayed below.


That’s all friends about this article,How to Boost Sales with Popular Posts Lists in WordPress

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