How to Set Godaddy Domain to Namecheap Hosting

Hi friends in this article we are going to see how to set godaddy domain to namecheap hosting .

Some important point to remember:
You should be aware of what you are doing.
Always note the plans in the format of past present and future.
Example: How we used domain settings in past ? Where the contents stored in past?
Why i want to shift now? (Present)
How i am going to manage in the new hosting?Whether i am going to shift the contents (or)goingn to start from scratch ? . (Future)
Based on the above 3 periods ,many important factors we need to consider for perfect execution . Some of them are Primary Domain (Which domain i am going to set primary), Backup , Nameservers , Seo and etc .
Listening and having Patience skills.
Ok, Let we come back to our topic.
When You have signedup with namecheap hosting with your email, login details including nameserver details will be sent to that email address.
Copy that nameserver details.
Next login with Goddady account.
Click Manage D N S in the domain manager
Now i am using into d n s for better understanding of this topic which is one of the way to check nameserver updates.
Next click change button in nameservers.
Click custom and Paste the namecheap nameserver details and save it.
For us it took less than 10 minutes for name servers update. In general , it will take 24 -48 hours. And it differs from one person to another person.
You can also check in some other ways whether the nameservers updated or not.
1.into d n s
2.Namecheap Domain Account.

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