How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster

 Hi friends in this article we are going to see How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster.
First let we discuss with the topic Dynamic Content.
In general, Dynamic Content helps to change webpage components by recognizing user with lot of factors like time spending on website, behaviour , previous purchase in the website , locations and so on.

Let we see with an example. Have you used e-commerce website to purchase something. Then you have seen personalized recommendations of products . And that’s the dynamic content. Definitely I can say you have scrolled that page or you have clicked the related products and went to that page (or) you on that page spent more time otherwise if the page is not having a personalization products , you may not have spend that extra time.
Not only ecommerce but also in other platforms like social medias, search engines and so on.

Advantages of Dynamic Content:

Helps to increase conversions by offering related products and so increase in revenue.

Helps to decrease bounce rate.

Now in optinmonster we can set dynamic text (i.e personalized text)in its Lightbox Popups,Floating Bars,Scroll Boxes,Gamified Wheels,Page Level Targeting,Exit Intent Detection,Geolocation Targeting and son on . And in Optinmonster this feature is called as Smart Tags.

OptinMonster is an online lead generation tool.OptinMonster helps to build beautiful optin forms (or) you can start from scratch.

And OptinMonster can be used from Wordpress Websites (where 40% of wordpress websites were built with wordpress only!) to any HTML Websites.

OptinMonster can be integrated with top email marketing service providers.

You don’t need any coding knowledge to create forms in optinmonster as it has smart drag and drop builder.

OptinMonster Plan Details:

1.Basic Plan [$9/month where normal price is $14/month] [Very Very Limited Features]
2.Plus Plan  [$19/month where normal price is $30/month] [Very Limited Features]
3.Pro Plan   [$29/month where normal price is $47/month]  [Limited Features]Note: Smart tags available
4.Growth Plan [$49/month where normal price is $80/month] [All Features]Note: Smart tags available.

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Like above image , not only date we can also add other smart tags like, date or day of the week; city, state, zip code, or country.
Let we see some of them in detail.
Predefined Smart Tags
Form Data Tags
{{form_name}}: The full name submitted in the name field
{{form_first_name}}: The first name submitted in the name field
{{form_last_name}}: The last name submitted in the name field if a last name was submitted
{{form_email}}: The email address submitted in the form
{{form_phone}}: The phone number submitted in the phone field
Date & Time Tags
{{day}}: The current day of the week
{{month}}: The current month (e.g. “January”)
{{year}}: The current year (e.g. “2019”)
{{date}}: The current date
Geographical Tags
{{city}}: The visitor’s city
{{state}}: The visitor’s current state if it exists
{{region}}: The visitor’s current region which would include states, provinces, etc.
{{region_code}}: The current region’s abbreviation (e.g. “CA” for “California”)
{{postal_code}}: The same as {{zip}}
{{zip}}: The visitor’s current zip code
{{country}}: The visitor’s current country
{{country_code}}: The current country’s abbreviation (e.g. “US” for “United States”)
Customer Journey Tags
{{page_url}}: The URL of the current page
{{referrer_url}}: The URL of the previous page
{{pages_visited}}: The number of pages the user has visited
{{time_on_site}}: The amount of time the user has spent on the site in milliseconds
{{visit_timestamp}}: The current timestamp
{{page_title}}: The title of the current page
Campaign Name Tags
{{campaign_name}}: The name of the current campaign

Where we can use this Smart tags?
Create popups for the new visitor . If a new visitor coming to your website you can create welcome popup which will create more connection to your business and the visitor.
Sometimes visitors will not purchase the product after adding that product to the cart. At this time we can use exit intent popups with smart tags (ie.creating personalized exit intent popups) 
Smart Tag Examples
Here you can see one example of a Optinmonster's Smart Tag which helps to show visitor’s first name.

We can also set some Default Text in Optinmonster's Smart Tag because sometimes we will not get the required field.
In this example we use the same Smart Tag but have optionally specified “Visitor” as the default text to use if the tag information cannot be found:
So that's all friends about the article, How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster

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