How to Easily Use Lead Source Tracking in Google Analytics

To find statistics of a website , Google Analytics is the most widely used platform. More  than 50% websites were using google analytics to find their statistics. 

What is Lead Quality?

It's nice to hear you are getting leads but it doesn't really means they are going to buy the we have to plan some things which not only focusing on getting the leads but also increasing the product purchase.

Some of the things you can do to improve the quality of the lead.

1.It is recommended to target long tail keywords & try to avoid broad keywords.

For example if you are using keyword "shoe" & your plan is to get men customers. Then you can target for " shoes for men ". And you can still make it narrow like " shoes for men casual  " and " shoes for men sports " . 

2. For the above keyword while making ads, you can make it more compelling by adding the words , "Shoes For Men Sports | Buy at Best Price"

When we write like this we will definitely have a chance of getting click and also have a chance of high quality . 

3.Create landing pages specifically for targeted customers. In the landing page we have to use images properly. For example if you are targeting for the keyword "Shoes For Men Sports" then you have to use the images of young men in sports and sport related image backgrounds. Use some bullet points in the landing page. Add some attractive headers.

4.Next ask some more details realted to the topic in landing page with name and email address. Ofcourse it will get less leads but high quality. Because quality is better than quantity . Since the lead is high quality, he/she is going to fill the other details.

Now we are going to see  how to track leads in google analytics, not only leads but also some other things like events, purchase, newsletter signups and more.

For that Google analytics have the option called goals.  In the goals we have pre-filled configuration template . Some of them are revenue, acquisition, enquiry, engagement. Setting up goals in Google Analytics.

In left side of your Google Analytics account click Goals. Click overview. If you are using it for the first time , on the right side click Setup Goal . 

Click Add New Goal Red Color Button . 


Here for example I have selected custom setup in the Goal Setup. 

In the 2nd step , give a name in the name field. And choose a Goal set id . and in the type I have selected destination.

In the 3rd step , for this demo i am selecting  , in the goal details  , i have selected destination eual to option and entered a thankyou page. Other things are optional . 

And it will show like below.

The steps are looking little bit complex.
Now Google Analytics will tell from which sources (social media, content, paid ads) you got the leads.

We can also check more details in  Google Analytics  .
Go to Landing pages under the option Acquisition>> Search Console
If you want to do just with click of button. try MonsterInsights.

Whether you  have Ecommerce Wordpress Website (Shop Owners ) , Blogs created with Wordpress (Bloggers/Publishers) , Buisness Websites created with Wordpress , Agencies and Developers who are using wordpress can also  use Monsterinsights to track their traffic within their wordpress dashboard.

Get MonsterInsights

Pricing Plans of MonsterInsights:

Plus-$99.50 per year for 1 site(normally $199.00 per year ).Some features will not be available in this plan.

Pro-$199.50 per year for 5 sites (normally $399.00 per year ).All features available in this plan.

Agency-$399.50 per year for 25 sites (normally $799.00 per year ).All features available in this plan.

Get MonsterInsights

Pre - Requirements while using MonsterInsights:

Be sure you have plan of MonsterInsights Plus or Pro or Agency.
Next check you have installed and activated MonsterInsights 
Connectyour website Google Analytics Account with Monster Insights.
Your version of MonsterInsights is up-to-date.

After installing MonsterInsights pro version . Go to Ecommerce Report Tab.

And it will show the Top conversion Sources.

MonsterInsights not only limited to display conversions report but also to other options which helps to know more about other things.

We also have the overview performance report about the devices.

It is available in the Insights under the Reports option Overview is available.

Get MonsterInsights

We can also view the Top 10 Countries where the users came from.

Top 10 Referrals report. This report helps to know which websites is sending more traffic to your website. You can make collaboration  with these websites and you can further increase the traffic.

Get MonsterInsights

You can find which keywords are actually helping your site to get organic traffic. We can get these details in MonsterInsights one of the tab called as Search Console. Top 50 keywords will be shown. Along with these keywords we can also see clicks, impressions, CTR (click-through-rate), and average position. So to find out organic traffic related information for your wordpress website you can get within the wordpress dashboard.

Real-Time Report

If you have created a new product , it will be nice to know the traffic of this product. Here comes the MonsterInsights real time report.  MonsterInsights will show the real-time  visitors and country , state and city.

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