Top 5 Website Resolutions for the New Year

 Hi friends in this article we are going to see, Top 5 Website Resolutions for the New Year.

Create a blog:

Expose your creative ideas with a blog and get people attention with that creative idea.

Search engines also searching a person like you who can create contents. When they put your content on top of their , it will bring more and more people to your blog.

With that blog ,

One can create a network with similar interest person

One can earn through blog.

Also we can add blog as co-curricular activities in resume.(Be sure your blog have useful tips).

Get Organic Traffic by Submitting Site Properly to Search Engines:

Do you know that from organic search websites receive the traffic which is 51% , a high percentage comparing to other platforms.

BrightEdge company found out this in a study . Some other points given by BrightEdge are ,

  • Rich media flattens the click distribution curve on SERPs
  • Over 40% of revenue is captured by organic traffic
  • Optimize your content efforts to maximize your return on organic search. 

So we can deliver good results,  only when the site  is properly submitted to search engines. So produce good content with search engine optimization.

Analyze how your website performed in Last year :

First let we see how goals can be calculated using analytics in general.

  • By analyzing the URL’s
  • By analyzing the time on pages
  • By analyzing per page visits.
  • By analyzing  various events.

But how to do it in simple manner. If you have a wordpress website then try this. Try Monsterinsights plugin .

 Get MonsterInsights

With Monsterinsights plugin  based on last year’s performance you can set new targets and marketing campaigns which helps to grow the website traffic.


With the help of monthly breakdown, you can find when the traffic is low and you can optimize the site to improve the site’s traffic.

MonserInsights  Year in Review report helps to know about your audience.

Do you know with Monsterinsights  plugin you can find which region is bringng high-traffic .

Next, do you want to know which content pieces performed the best in last year? For that Year in Review report can sort it out.

Yes the report can shows your top 5 pages and its pageviews. Since these are pages that got a lot of traffic, you can find more topics like these to cover in upcoming years.

Top pages year in review

 Do you know that Monsterinsights plugin  Along with top pages, you can also see the top keywords that got the most clicks in past year. These are keyword search terms that people used to find your website on Google. You can use these search terms and find similar search queries to target on your website.


eCommerce Revenue reports :

MonsterInsights Year in Review report has eCommerce details . So if you have ecommerce wordpress website, you don’t need to worry about it. Ecommerce report shows about store performance in past year and provides important stats like total revenue, total products sold, most popular product, and more other details in this reports.

MonsterInsights is one of the Best WordPress Analytics Plugin to handle analytics in an easy way. MonsterInsights  has 2+ million active installations and 4.6 average ratings.


Get MonsterInsights


MonsterInsights has Free Plan and Pricing Plan

 Get MonsterInsights

Pricing Plan comes with 3 options.

1.Plus - For small businesses and publishers who want to do more

2.Pro-For eCommerce sites and Businesses who want quick and maximum sales (Best and Popular Plan).And it has all features!

3.Agency- For web development agencies and marketing agencies to speed up their flow.

1.Plus – $99.50/year (Regular Price $199/year) – Upto 1 site

2.Pro – $199.50/year (Regular Price $399/year)- Upto 5 sites

3.Agency-$399.50/year(Regular Price $799/year)-Upto 25 sites

MonsterInsights doesn’t have trial plan but you don’t need to concentrate on that.Because they are giving fully protected 100% No-Risk-Double-Guarantee. If you don’t like MonsterInsights over the next 14 days, then they will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. 


Grow email List:

  • One of the greatest challenge in the digital world is making your readers into subscribers.
  • You know that lot of money is spending on advertising and for branding.
  • But note that People will not signup the subscription forms until they feel secure and valuable. Why most of the people unsubscribing their mails are due to receiving of more mails.
  • There are many ways available to get subscribers. Here a question will arise. Is getting only subscribers enough? .
  • No, It’s not about how many subscribers in the list . It’s about how many potential buyers in the list.

Create Conversational forms instead of simple form:

  • In the past 25 years of online field , web forms plays an important rule. Whether it is a  simple contact us page in a website (or) in big  ecommerce sites like Amazon (or) Ebay , the forms were used. Forms are used, still we are using and will be used until the internet lives. 
  • Some may say forms are dead, the truth  it is not dead , it is evolving according to the new technology developments. 
  • Conversational Forms are good example for the advancement in webforms. The UI (User Interface) and UX ( User Experience ) in these forms are developed in a way which makes the website visitor to interact more because he feels that  he is not filling the form and he is satisfied to enter his data in the form .
  • The reason is he is feeling and giving his details to another trustable  person (or) real people .The questions are asked based on previous details provided in the form .And so the forms are called Conversational Forms.


In conversational forms visitors are seeing only one data at a time and so more interaction and satisfaction. Finally increase in completion rate in conversational forms.    

That's all friend about the post " Top 5 Website Resolutions for the New Year." Thank you.

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