How to Easily Create Awesome Exit Intent Popups that Drive Sales

 Hi friends in this article we are going to see , How to Easily Create Awesome Exit Intent Popups that Drive Sales. 

Do you want to reduce cart abandonment for your website? Exit Intent will help you for that.

What is an exit intent?

Exit-intent is a technology which detects visitor movements.

How cart abandonment can be reduced when using exit intent with popup forms? 

If we have good popup tool with exit intent technology then when a visitor leaves site without doing action like not purchasing or not giving details then popup tool with exit intent will display popup with attractive discount or free ebook download and makes him/her exciting to make purchase or to get details of visitor.

Is it true that exit intent popup is also needed for Smartphones (i.e) mobiles?

The answer is yes!.

Do you know that more than75% of American's own a smartphone?

Do you know that  Around 90+million UnitedStates consumers own tablets?

Do you know that  Over 200+ million United States consumers own smartphones?

Do you know that  79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months?

In 2018 holiday season , 38+% of all eCommerce purchases were made on a smartphone.

Almost more than 7.5 % of retail revenue in terms of dollars was now comprised by ecommerce.

Inside a offline shop, more than 75+% people were using  smarphones. And sometimes shop owners also using smartphones to show specifications of gadget to clarify the customers doubts.

As of now it is believed to be that 10 billion mobile connected devices are currently in use.

Mobile exit-intent helps to regain the site visitor’s attention whenever they want to leave the site from a mobile device.

Optinmonster helps to achieve mobile exit intent popus with various features.

Some extra ordinary features in optinmonster is InactivitySensor™. Using OptinMonster’s InactivitySensor™ technology, the website owners still has a chance to engage users who had stopped interacting with a browser page on their phone. Optinmonster also added MonsterEffects™ and sound cues to make sure the popups wouldn’t go unnoticed.

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And these cute visual and awesome audible animations created a attraction (or) attention and consistently brought people back to the site who were using optinmonster tool in wordpress (or) html websites.

Once again ,  How to Easily Create Awesome Exit Intent Popups that Drive Sales. 

Try Optinmonster

OptinMonster is an online lead generation tool.OptinMonster helps to build beautiful optin forms (or) exit popups (or) you can start from scratch.

So far, OptinMonster has 900,000+ downloads with wordpress and 100,000+ html websites using OptinMonster. We know that OptinMonster can be used in html type websites.So almost all type of websites can use OptinMonster.

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Only one thing you have to purchase a paid  plan in optinmonster. Here we are talking about Exit-Popup, so you need to buy a Pro plan or a Growth plan.

OptinMonster Plan Details:

1.Basic Plan [$9/month where normal price is $14/month] [Very Very Limited Features]

2.Plus Plan  [$19/month where normal price is $30/month] [Very Limited Features]

3.Pro Plan   [$29/month where normal price is $47/month]  [Limited Features]Note:Exit-popup available

4.Growth Plan [$49/month where normal price is $80/month] [All Features]Note:Exit-popup available

Goto OptinMonster and click create campaign. 

For demo purpose I have selected Full screen campaign type. 

And i have used hustle template for my campaign.

 Give a name to campaign . Select the website which you want to load the campaign. Next click start building

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Since this demo is about exit intent for us it is enough to use the default design as it is. 

Next click display rules tab. 

We are going to use 3 and conditions . First one is time on page is atleast for one second Second we are selecting current url path is any page.

 Third is exit detected and we have selected high sensitivity. 

You can use desired and applicable condition but whatever the condition we have used additionally we have to add one and condition and we have to select exit detected.

 Next goto publish tab . Make the status live Finally save the campaign. Now goto your wordpress dashboard and go to optinmonster Plugin refresh campaign to retrieve new campaign.

Also check this video.

Also check the mobile exit intent output.

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That's all friends about the article How to Easily Create Awesome Exit Intent Popups that Drive Sales.

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