How to Install Wordpress in Wampserver Localhost

Hi friends in this article we are going to see how to install wordpress in wampserver localhost

First i am downloading wordpress from the website
Extract wordpress folder from wordpress zip file
Assuming that you have already installed wampserver
Go to the wamp folder . Find www folder and inside this folder paste the wordpress folder
Now open wampserver .Next open any one browser and type localhost slash wordpress and enter.
First we have to fill details of database then only we can run wordpress
It's your wish to set your desired name for database.
But for database username we have to enter root and for password we must leave it empty. Otherwise it will show error.
Next we have to create database .In new tab type localhost and here click phpmyadmin and login with root as username .Don't fill anything in password and login.
Now here click databases and enter the field with the name wordpress and click create.This is because we mentioned database name as wordpress in the wordpress setup.
Return back to wordpress setup browser tab and  click submit.
Click Run the installation.
Next we have to fill the details for website . And you can set the username password and all other fields according to your wish.
Finally click install wordpress.
To login to your website,
You need to enter localhost/wordpress/wp-admin
And here you have to fill website username and password.
That's all friends . Thank you :)

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