How to make perfect video cut editing in screencastomatic?

  • Hi friends in this article we are going to see how to cut video perfectly in screencastomatic.
  • First move the timeline slider to your required position.
  • Next Click the Timeline Magnifier Icon .
  • Now you can see the timeline scale zoomed a little bit .
  • Additional to this Now you can see volume like icon which helps to zoom timeline scale more. And It can zoomed further upto 3 levels.
  • Now you can cut the video in your required position perfectly. Next I am zooming out magnifier to return to normal position.
  • Next click Tools
  • and Choose Cut.
  • Now the timeline slider appears in red color.
  • Now move the timeline scale which you want to cut. You can see the cut region shows in red color.
    Finally click ok. Now the selected red region will be removed.

    This is the best method to cut video perfectly in screencastomatic.
    Also check article as video:


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