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  • Hi friends in this article we are going to see how to upload video on dailymotion using python sdk.
upload video to dailymotion using python sdk and command prompt
  • Next you should have developer account in dailymotion account.
  • Creating a developer account is easier one in dailymotion.
1.Login to your dailymotion account
2.Go to the below url to create api key.
3.Fill the application name and its description with your desired name.
4.I am using localhost with a dummy folder url as Application website . Actually we can give any url but i recommend to give a localhost url.
5. Fill the application purpose .
6.Again I am filling callback url with my localhost dummy folder url .
7. Enter the captcha and finally click create api key.
Now you will get the api key details.
8. Next Go to the below developer url and choose sdk from the tools menu.
9.Click python sdk and click git hub link
10. Download the zip file and extract it in your computer .
11.I am using python sdk so I need to download python to my computer.If you don’t have python in your computer then dailymotion python files cannot be identified by command prompt.
12.Goto official python website and download it.I am downloading windows 32 bit python software.
13.When downloading finished install the python. Note the python installing location
14.Next open dailymotion sdk file and edit config file with notepad++ .

15.Now fill the api key details in config file .
16. To find the username Go to the developer account and choose api explorer from tools menu.
17. Choose api key and under user and click get user I d. Now click test. Now you can get username in the name of id in the result.
18. Password is your dailymotion password which you use to login.
19. Again url is the local host url which mentioned in api key.
Finally save the config file.

Next we need to add video in dailymotion’s example folder which we want to upload in dailymotion.
After adding video return to dailymotion main folder and edit test dailymotion file with notepad++.
Scroll down and find videos dot mp4 .
Replace it with added video file name correctly.
Also you can change title and channel if you want
Finally click save.
Next open command prompt
We need to go dailymotion folder in command prompt.
To do this first copy the address of dailymotion folder
Now in command prompt type cd/d and paste the address of dailymotion folder and press enter
Next we need to type setup[dot]py install
Now command prompt took some time to finish processing.
When the process finished type pip install nose in command prompt.

Sometime it will tell pip is not recognized .
To solve this we need to set environmental variables in system advanced settings option.
Goto control panel
Choose system and security
And choose system
Click Advanced system settings
Choose advanced tab
Click environment variables
In the second column choose path .Here we need to add python script location
I already mentioned note the python location.
Sometimes appdata location is hided. so just add backslash and type appdata and reach python location.
Now copy the python script location
Return to advanced tab choose path and click edit
If there is no semicolon , first type semicolon.
After that paste the python script location address .
And finally click all ok buttons.
Close and open the command prompt
Again goto dailymotion folder.
Next type setup[dot]py install.
When process finished
Type pip install nose
This time it will install pip including nose.
After installation type nosetest –v
Depending upon the size of video file it will take timeto upload.
Finally it will tell ok.
Now check your dailymotion account in browser to see the uploaded video.
Also Check this concept as video below.

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