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Fl Studio 20 Software for Beginners | Create Twinkle Rhymes Music

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1.Hi friends in this article we are going to see how to create twinkle rhymes music in flstudio software.
2.This article will be also helpful for beginners to know about basics of fl studio20 software & music creation
3.This piano sheet music is the main key for this concept.
Use this sheet or you can also get it from google search.

3.1 The above piano sheet differs from current piano sheet type. The current piano sheet will not mention the words in the line like f , b and so on.
4.In the above image you can see a symbol which denotes treble clef type is used here.
5. The 4 4 number represents the time signature
6.In The treble clef we can see it has five lines.
7.Here f which is a note is placed between the line gap or line space.
8.And here the b is a note which is placed just above the line .
9.These are the important points you need to note in this music sheet.
10.These are the list of notes arranged in gap lines and above the lines in treble clef.
11.First open the fl studio software.
Note that it’s your own wish to choose channel rack, keyboard range,time signature & all other things in fl studio .
Just be sure you will get the right output.
12.Next in the Channel rack click + button .
I am choosing fl keys for my convenience.
13.Next right click the fl studio button and choose piano roll.
14.Now the piano roll opens in new window.
15.Next press control and t button .Now auto tab will be displayed.
16.Right click the auto tab.Click Add time signature.
17.Set both numerator and denominator to 4.
18.Here the keyboard range I followed from c5 to c7.
19. In musicsheet first note is f , so I am choosing f5 in my keyboard range .
Like this I am filling all other notes and finally i successfully got twinkle twinkle rhymes in fl studio 20.
Also check the video.

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