How to Flow Particles Along Curve in Blender For Beginners

In this article we are going to see how to flow particles along a curve in blender.

  • I just want to understand the concept.So i just shared the basics.With this basics we can do lot of things for video intros with our creativity.
  • Here, to demonstrate i took cube object and Path.
  • You can find the Path at Create tab .
  • Be sure all the x,y and z axis are in same direction for cube object, path and the entire scene.Because then only the particles will flow in the same direction.It’s not compulsory but it’s smart way.
  • It’s your wish to scale the path or not. For big curve we need to scale the path.To scale , press “s” key in your keyboard.
  • Now goto edit mode.Be sure you have selected path.
  • Now in the Path you can see some orange dots which we can drag them & we can make some bends.
  • Created bend with help of points/orange dots by dragging them along z-axis for this demonstration.
  • And Now return to object mode.
  • Now select cube object and goto Particles and add New.

  • We are not yet finished because the particles will flow downward at this time.We need to set some things to flow particles along curve.
  • Important part:Select cube object and path at the same time. To do this Press (Shift+Right click mouse) same time.
  • Now goto Physics tab.Click force field.
  • Now in Type click and chppse Curve guide feom the drop down menu.
  • Now run animation .And finally you have successfully flowed particles along the curve.
That’s all friends.Thank you.

Also check the video tutorial.

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