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FaceApp for Android Platform

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  • Hi friends in this article we are going to see faceapp for android platform.
  • Faceapp for android platform helps to transform/morph face just with a single click.
  • Download faceapp at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.faceapp
  • Size of the faceapp is around 6 to 7 MB only.
  • Faceapp says it is using artificial intelligence for the face transformation.
  • Make the facelook old to young and young to old.
It has 2 plans.
Free Plan
  • Ads will run at freen plan
  • Limited styles
  • Processed photos will come with faceapp watermark.

Pro Plan
  • Ad free experience
  • More Styles
  • No watermark

How to use the faceapp?

  • Install and open the faceapp.
  • We need to add face image.
  • For this you can take selfie if you want to transform your own face (or) you can take camera if you want to transform other person face .One more option is facebook has file manager like option within itsapp and so you can also import that image here .
  • Using import photos option I'm going to add an old man image face downloaded from Pixabay.
  • It has the Fun and Style option tab but it’s not much needed one to focus .Just choose a style and go on.
  • Now faceapp will process the photo.
  • Now we can apply styles.For example i am using the style “young”.
  • Now the old face will be converted to young face look.
  • Now you can download it directly to your phone or you can share it your social network sites.

How to get perfect output in faceapp?

  • Be sure you are adding a human face.Even if you add an "Side View Face of a Human" it will not work properly.
  • Also avoid beard face ,water drops in face because faceapp can’t apply styles because they act as barriers.

Faceapp Free plan available styles

  • Smile
  • Old
  • Young

  • Only the above options are available in free styles.
  • Still, we can use Pro Styles for free,if we are using the option Collage.The pro styles are also called as filters.
  • For Example,I have used the option sunglasses.Now click add to collage.Now you can download/share this image.
  • And you will get pro styles in collage mode.
  • Duo is nothing but 2 – column layout.

Faceapp Pro plan available styles

1.Tight smile
5.Full Beard
10.Female 2
Hollywood style , makeup styles also availbale.


I hope you will like it.
Kindly check the faceapp video content also.

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