Sharex | A Free ScreenRecorder to Record your Desktop Work and Saves as MP4 Video directly!

  • Hi friends in this post i am sharing how to directly save your desktop work as mp4 using sharex.
  • Sharex is one of the open source software which comes with various software tools in a small package.
  • And here we are going to see how to use only as screen recorder.
  • The reason here to share this topic is we can download the screen recording work directly as MP4 video.There are lot of free screen recorders but the exact mp4 download option is available in sharex which is a opensource.
  • First goto sharex.
  • Download and install sharex.
  • Click "File".Choose the WorkFlows.Now click the fourth option "Start/Stop screen recording using custom region".
  • If its the first time you are using sharex, it will ask to download ffmeg. It will be around 16MB.
  • Now you will get the region to capture, Start to screen record your desktop.You have the option to stop or abort .
  • When you click "stop" it will open new window and it will ask whether to upload this screen recorded work.Click No.
  • Open windows explorer.Click "Documents" which is mostly under "Libraries" .
  • In the Documents , check for the sharex folder.inside sharex open the screenshot folder.And check you will get the mp4 video of screenshot .


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