LICEcap–Best way to Create Animated Gif of your Desktop Work recordings


How can we create like the below animated image?

  • Licecap can create like this animated gif files and it is free! .
  • Cockos Incorporated created this software which was founded in the year 2004.
  • With the help of Licecap software we can capture / record our desktop screen work and finally it can be saved it into Animated Gif (.gif) files.
  • We can also save in other format (.lcf) licecapfile their own extension.This format helpful for for higher compression ratios.

Licecap Requirements

Licecap says,
    • Windows: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (might work with reduced functionality on older versions)
    • OSX: macOS 10.4+ (10.6+ for full feature support), PPC or Intel
    • Linux: apparently works with WINE
    • A reasonably fast CPU
    • A healthy amount of RAM (1GB+, especially when encoding to LCF)

Licecap Features

  • Very light weight software and in windows 7 it is only ~230 kb.
  • Whenever you open the licecap, it will display the recorder screen and you can change the screen size/ drag and drop on your wish.
  • The recorder screen will show the 1.Maximum Frames Per Second (FPS),2.Size of the frame 3.Record & 4.Stop Button.

  • When you click the record button,

  • We can see lot of tools like below which is called as display in animation.

They are,
1. Title Frame & Big Font
2.Elapsed Time
3.Mouse Button Press
4.GIF repeat count
5.Automatically stop recording in the mentioned time.
After choosing your required above options give a name to the file and it will start the recording.Now let we see each tools.

Title Frame

  • A video clip which have Intros and Title will get good views because it helps to understand the topic of the video.
  • Here in lice cap i am surprised to see this animated gif file has option to set Title Frame.So you can tell what’s the purpose of the image (or) even you can Welcome them.


  • First , Enable the Title Frame option.And the text box will become active.
  • Now enter the text which you want to show as          “ Title”.
  • Big font helps to show the large text size for the title.
See the below image for sample.


Elapsed Time


  • Elapsed Time helps to show duration of the animated gif file.
A Sample image of Elapsed time


Mouse Button Press


  • Mouse Button Press helps to highlight the cursor.


Gif Repeat count

  • We can set the animation to repeat only one time or at infinite times.
  • Note:Here if you enter 0 , it will play at infinite time

Gif Transparency


If this option is enabled it will try to give best compressed size animated file.

Automatically Stop

Here you can set time to automatically stop screen recording.

You can use shortcut key to pause screen recording..control+alt+P

You can also check the video of licecap full features demo below.

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