Fifa World Cup Predictor 2018 | How it Looks on Android App

Hi friends, Fifa world cup 2018 started well. Yesterday when i visited the website , i found Fifa World Cup Predictor 2018 which comes with prizes for the correct prediction of match score.

You can check the video also,

  • Here you can predict scores for all 64 matches.
  • You can get points for the correct prediction.
  • At the end of all matches the contestant with high points will get prizes.

How to join the Fifa World Cup Predictor 2018 ?

  • First of all you need to register account.
  • You can register either online (web) or android or ios app.
  • You can play in anonymous mode but you will not be eligible to get prizes.
I used android app to register and so i am just sharing the details what i have seen in the app.

Prizes for the winners in  Fifa World Cup Predictor 2018

  • First 20 rankings will get prizes.
First (or) Grand Prize :
Apple Macbook (12-inch)
Second (or) Runner-Up Prize :
iPad Pro

And  also,

Top Twenty: Hyundai 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Premium sets!
All players that finish in the top 20 on the global contest leaderboard will each receive a Hyundai FIFA World Cup Premium set. The set shall contain a 2018 FIFA World Cup adidas Telstar Replica Match Ball, a cap and backpack.
* If more than one player eligible for a prize finish equal on points on the global leaderboard, a random draw will be held to determine the prize winner.
Please note that, in respect of any of the above mentioned prizes:
1. Any prize winner may be required to participate in follow-up interviews and/or photo shoots either with FIFA or one of its assigned partners. Details of such participation will be provided to the winner once they have been selected as a winner; and
2. All prizes will only be awarded in accordance with the terms and conditions and rules of the contest. In the event that a winner does not comply with the aforementioned terms and conditions and/or rules, then the next highest ranked participant (selected in FIFA’s sole discretion) will receive the respective prize instead. The winner’s eligibility is subject to verification by FIFA in its sole discretion.

And you can check additional information/rules at

How Fifa World Cup Predictor 2018 Looks on Android App?

  • Size of the android app - 11MB.
  • Goto Play Store &  download the fifa world cup predictor.

  • Open the app . Accept the Terms of Service & Privacy policy.
  • First you need to register account, before playing the match.You can connect with your email (or) connect with facebook account (or) connect with gmail account.


  • When you try to login for the 2nd time it will ask to accept,
1.Newsletter [but you can skip it].
2.Terms of Service [Required]
3.Privacy policy [Required]


  • Before starting to predict scores in match , first read the rules.

Predictions Tab

  • In this tab you can give your score predictions for a match.


  • says,
Points and Scoring
For each match, points are awarded for:
Predicting the correct scoreline;
Predicting the correct result;
Predicting the correct margin of victory; and
Predicting the correct number of goals scored.
For each points category listed above (excluding number of goals scored) you will earn a score between 1 to 100 points (the exact amount awarded will depend on the number of other participants who also made the correct prediction). The lower the number of participants who make a correct prediction, the more points will be awarded.
A guide to the number of points which can be earned for each prediction is displayed on the FIFA World Cup™ Match Predictor page under each prediction bracket. Points will be updated 'live' while the match is in progress.
Bonus Points
You will only be able to answer bonus questions once the line-ups have been announced, from around 60 minutes before the match in question begins until kick-off.
For each correctly answered bonus question, you will earn an additional 30 points.
For every 2018 FIFA World Cup™ matchday, you can assign one prediction to be your joker. A correct joker prediction will result in any points awarded for that match being doubled!
Joker selections can be changed at any time up until the scheduled kick-off of the match in question.

  • In the android app, each match day was arranged in one column.
MatchDay 1 - June 14 – June 19
MatchDay 2 – June 19 – June 24
MatchDay 3 – June 25 – June 28



  • When you finished entering the score , the prediction will be saved.

  • You will get some points for the prediction

  • You will get 1 bonus question for in “Group Phase”.And you will get 2 bonus question in “Round of 16”.

Challenge Tab


Invite the friends with the above link and compare them with you who comes top in every match.

Play Predictor Game with Friends


  • Here, You can create league and challenge friends for match prediction by sending link (or) League code.
  • You can also join other’s league if you have their league code.
  • If you don’t want league , you can delete it.



  • At LeaderBoard , Players can check their overall points after the end of each match.
That’s all friends. Advance wish for the winners.If you are the winner  share your experience at the comment section.


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  1. You can create league and challenge friends for match prediction by sending link (or) League code through


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