How to Find Which Keywords Bring in the Most Traffic

 Hi friends in this article we are going to see How to Find Which Keywords Bring in the Most Traffic . 

You’ve done a lot of keyword research but you’re wondering about finding which keywords bring in the most traffic? Keyword analytics data is easy to follow, but it’s only part of the story. 
  1. It is recommended to do keyword analysis, you must first establish your theme website's unique keywords and rank them according to their importance. This is known as a keyword research framework and is essential for ensuring your site's SEO position is enhanced.Try to highlight the most important keywords ranking within your site. Although you should always rank your site's keywords for usefulness, you can't neglect other factors that influence which keywords show up in search results.
  2. In important search engine, the most important keyword is simply the most frequently searched phrase, while the second-most-searched phrase is the one directly related to the search query. The top three are ranked using a combination of the user's location, internet search terms, and their proximity to other popular searches. 
  3. If you don't have a website, there are plenty of tools you can use to determine what keywords are important on your site. For example, semrush helps to find each site's most important keywords, while Ahrefs profiles over 2,000 keyword terms and their corresponding ranking factors.
  4. By collecting these key keywords into a single location, you can quickly discover where your most valuable visitors are coming from. Whichever site has the most searched keywords is going to "leak" traffic to it; however, the search volume dictates how "leaky" the keyword is. 
  5. Examine the most-visited pages on your theme website and determine what content resonates with these visitors most. Try including some of this content in your theme's blog or other SES pages. It won't take long to see results once you research these key keywords for weeks, months, or even years, depending on how well they're ranked. This is arguably the most important step for optimizing your theme website's search engine position. 
  6. Keyword research identifies three main sources for traffic: free traffic, paid placement, and backlinks. You can't afford to ignore the importance of backlinks, particularly organic traffic. Essentially, a keyword research tool determines the percentage of people who clicked on a particular keyword, so it's perfect for disambiguating keyword traffic and traffic that's more likely to convert.
Next let we see how to find out in wordpress website using monsterinsights plugin .
Monsterinsights plugin in their new update added a new integration with the All in One SEO plugin. 
All in One SEO plugin has focus keyword &  TruSEO scores features in their platform . 
What is TruSEO?
TruSEO in All in One SEO to gives ideas on how to improve the on-page SEO of your content.
TruSEO has two options in All in One SEO :
Focus Keyphrase helps to Analyzing your content for the related keywords and phrases in your article, to ensure a visitor is getting the information they need.
After installing All in One SEO  you have to go to your required post/page and you need to enter the Focus Keyphrase . When the Focus Keyphrase was given All in One SEO analyse the post/page contents and also provides some recommendations to improve that particular post/page content according to the Focus Keyphrase. You can also add Additional Keyphrases and see recommendations for these. 
Page Analysis
All in One SEO checks whether  your content have implemented basic SEO techniques or not. 
All in One SEO will show a score out of 100 which helps to understand of how well each page /  post is optimized. The score includes both the Page Analysis score and the score for your Focus Keyphrase (if used) and any Additional Keyphrases (if used).

Monsterinsights plugin added these two features  with its own supported custom dimensions . This integration with monsterinsights helps to correlate with your traffic in Google Analytics .
An important part of taking on a marketing strategy is understanding how the strategy facilitates your business and generating insightful analysis on traffic so you can make the right decisions. And this option definitely helps to bring more traffic .

For instance, you’ll be able to answer & question like:
Which search terms are currently bringing in the most traffic to the website?
Are the posts that receive the best optimization among others bringing in the most traffic?
Perhaps there are posts doing well but could improve them by doing a little more traffic optimizations.
Check this article how to use set custom dimension for author tracking

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