how to setup custom domain to blogger with name cheap 2018

1.Hi friends in this article  we are going to see how to setup custom domain to blogger with name cheap.
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How to setup godaddy domain to blogger
2.Now I am going to to create a blogspot account first.
3.Next I am Logging in with gmail username password.
4.In the left side click the dropdown menu, scroll it down then click New blog
5. Enter your desired blog title and blog address and also select a theme.
6. Click create blog.
7.Next click Settings. Choose Basic. Click the Setup a third party url for your blog.
8. Enter your domain name. Adding www. is a must one.Then click save
9.Now Blogger provides two records and we need to add these two records in the namecheap account.
10.Goto namecheap website and signin to your account
11.Click the manage button.
12.Next click the Advanced DNS option
13.Here we have www cname record already, so just we need to change value.To do this return to blogger and copy ghs dot google dot com from host www

14. Return to namecheap & paste it in the value.
15.Next we need to add second record .So Click Add New Record.
Choose CNAME .
16.Return to blogger and copy the second host . Goto name cheap & paste it in the host field. Similarly add value which we done previous for the first record.
17.Remove the url redirect record
For my convenience , i am setting the ttl value to 5 minutes for the 2 records

  • Now return to blogger and click the save button .If blogger not responds
  • Click cancel and again save . Sometimes domain may take 48 hours to set in blogger.
But mostly domain will set within 10 minutes.
When settings saved successfully ,Again click Edit
Enable the check box of redirect option and again save it
Next is a optional setting
It helps to redirect example dot com to www dot example dot com
  • To do this we need to add four google ip address at namecheap using A records
  • Click add new record and choose A record
  • Type @ symbol at host
  • For the value Copy the first google ip address and paste it
Follow the same procedure for other three google ip address
Now type domain name in browser to check all are working right
  • Next we are going to set https in blogger
  • In the basic settings set https availability to yes
Wait for some time and after that reload the page
Now set https redirect to yes
Now again view blog
and you can see blog is loading with https successfully
blogger-loading-with-httpsThat’s all friends.Also check the article as video


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