How to get .com for Less Than $1 at namecheap | Explained with Proof

  • Hi friends , we can get .com for less than $1 and the kingcom special promo code was worked for me perfectly .
  • Update 02/10(Oct)/2018 , Offer ended
  • Use this link to get yours namecheap 88 cents promo code august 2018
  • At namecheap i have not yet registered any domain.So i tried to apply the code with a coupon website.
Update 20/09/2018:
 Namecheap still have a handful of .com domains  at the amazing price of just 88 cents* !
  • The main reason to try this i actually planned to buy a .com domain in october month.And when i heared this offer i don’t want to miss.
  • So friends follow the rules in correct manner and you will definitely get a .com for less than $1.
Check out the rules here: namecheap 88cent promo code rules
Let we see the proof
1.First use this link namecheap 88 cents promo code august 2018
2.It will redirect to the namecheap website.


3.I entered my desired .com domain name and checked the availability.
4.My desired .com domain is available so i proceeded to next step by clicking the button Add to cart .
5.Next a new page loaded and here the domain price showed $ 7.98 .And in the right most side i saw the Promo Code field and here i entered COM88 .
6.Next an alert displays this promocode works only if you have account in namecheap.If you don’t have  namecheap accout, create free account.
7.I have not yet created account at namecheap .So i clicked create a free account.
8.It went to the signup page.And i created username,password,first&last name,and finally email address.
9.Next i scrolled down and clicked Create account and Continue.
  • Next it redirected to the Shopping Cart Page. And i am surprised to see the promo code was successfully applied.
  • An extra Icann fee of $0.18 is applied which is a very very small amount.
  • A total of $1.06 was shown in the cart.

10.Next i clicked Confirm Order button
11.It went to checkout page & i filled address ,phone number
12.After that i clicked continue button.
13.The next page is just about contact info like previous,so i just clicked continue button.
14.Next page is the entering card information for making payment for the domain.So i just filled with my master card and clicked Paynow button.
15.Finally my desired .com domain registered successfully and displayed “Thank you for your order” .
16.Now i am able to see my registered domain in my account dashboard.
17.I also received confirmation of domain registration through email.
That’s all friends.Hope it helps.Thank you.
Also check the article as video.

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