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Is codepen website supports to add external stylesheet css in blogger ?

In this article we are going to check whether codepen website supports to add external stylesheet css in blogger or not.
use-codepen-for-adding-css-and-using-as-external stylesheet-to-blogger-template

  • For testing , i am using slick slider and going to add its css and js files in codepen website.
  • For a perfect and simple slick slider i choose the code from jsfiddle website.jsfiddle[dot]net/hibbard_eu/5ox31m2a.
The ouput of the slider is


  • Goto kenwheeler[dot]github[dot]io/slick/ website to download the file
  • slick-getitnow
  • It will autoscroll and shows the download link.Click the button and download the slick zip files
  • Extract the zip file.
  • Open the slick folder.
  • You can see another slick folder.
  • Goto that folder and there you can see the css and js file.
  • Similarly in kenwheeler[dot]github[dot]io/slick/ . We need to copy its css and js codes.After that it will be added in codepen.
  • Totally we need to add 3 css and 2 js files in codepen.
  • Now login to your codepen website.
  • Click Create. And choose New Pen.
  • Paste one of css code copied from slick folder/jsfiddle website.
  • Now you will can see an link created in the url of the browser.Add .css at the end of the link.Copy the link and save it in notepad.

  • Similarly do it for other css and js files.Note that we need to add .js for the javascript link created in codepen.
  • Now goto Blogger.Choose Themes. Click Edit Html.
  • Just below head tag add the css link with the stylesheet syntax.One code was given below.
start tag link href='codepen[dot]io/kaviyarasu34/pen/rrYOOP.css' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' end tag
  • After pasting all css codes , now we need to Paste the jquery script from cdnjs.Check the below image.
  • Note that Paste the jquery code just above </body> tag.
  • Now Save the theme.
  • Now copy the HTML code from Jsfiddle website .
  • And return to blogger.Choose Layout.
  • Click Add a gadget.
  • Choose html/javascript.
  • Paste the html code.And save it.
Now view blog.And yes codepen supports as external stylesheet for css/js for blogger templates.

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