mindmeister - mind mapping online software

  • MindMeister is considered as one of the best online mind mapping software.
  • It is available for smartphones also.
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Who started Mindmeister?
  • Michael Hollauf and Till Vollmer founded MeisterLabs in the year 2006
  • Mindmeister was the 1st product of MeisterLabs launcehd in the year 2007.
  • MeisterTask was the 2nd product of MeisterLabs launched in the year 2015.
  • Goto Mindmesiter website .[Contains referral link]

Pricing Plans of Mindmeister


Basic Plan
  • 3 mind maps
  • Community support
  • Real-time collaboration
Personal Plan
  • Unlimited mind maps
  • File and image attachments
  • Image export
  • PDF export
  • Mind map printing
  • Priority support
  • Real-time collaboration
Pro Plan
All Personal Plan features will be included.
  • Multiple team member
  • Admin account
  • Team statistics and reports
  • G Suite for domains sign-on
  • Word export
  • PowerPoint export
  • Export presentation as PDF
  • Custom styles and boundaries
  • Custom themes for your maps
Business Plan
All Pro Plan features will be included.
  • Groups within your team
  • Compliance exports and backups
  • Custom team domain
  • Multiple team administrators
  • 24x7 priority support
For Education Pricing check this link

Goto Mindmesiter website .[Contains referral link]

MyMaps Dashboard at Mindmeister

How to create New Mind Map in Mindmeister?

  • To create a newmind map we just need to create an account with mindmeister.You can also use google to signin.
  • Here we can arrage our ideas in a neat manner.
  • Just Click New Mind Map.
  • There are lot of templates available in the new mindmap section.

Template Library:
We have listed templates that we have seen in the library section.
  • Brainstorming
  • Project Plan
  • Org Chart
  • Meeting
  • Project Management Process
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Plan
  • Weekly Update
  • Sales Process
  • Website Structure
  • Project Goals
  • Account Plan
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Case Study
  • AEIOU Framework
  • Customer Empathy Map
  • Project Status Report
  • Feature Specification Sheet
  • Product Launch Template
  • Recruiting
  • BANTR (Sales)
  • The 4 Ps
  • Growth–Share Matrix
  • Marketing Campaign Plan
  • Marketing Persona
  • Course Syllabus
  • Homework
  • Essay Writing Checklist
  • Lesson Planning
  • Exam Preparation
  • Class Overview and Materials [We can Use this template to collect all materials and information related to a class/course.]
  • Class Curriculum
  • Group Project
  • Essay Structure
  • Reading Comprehension Template (Fiction)
  • Film Crew
  • Musicians
  • Festival Checklist
  • Plot Graph
  • Event Planning
  • TEDx(YourEvent)
  • Conference Organization
  • Life Plan
  • Personal Task Dashboard
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Travel Plan
  • Becoming self-employed
  • Summer Vacation Checklist
  • Moving to a different country Checklist
  • My First Baby
  • Training for a Marathon
  • House Renovation
  • My Balanced Diet - Weekly Planner -
  • New Year's Resolutions
  • My Wedding
  • Decision
  • To-Do List
  • Getting Things Done
  • Simple To-Do List [It helps to Create a simple to-do list to track your tasks]
  • Time Management [It helps to keep track of the most valuable thing on world and organize your time and tasks ]
  • Monthly blogging schedule
  • Priority Management
  • Write a Blog Post
  • Six Sigma: The Process & Roles
  • Demand Generation Marketing
  • Website Planning
  • R&D Plan
  • Website Analysis
Goto Mindmesiter website .[Contains referral link]

In the mindmap page we have lot of options.First we see how to create a mindmap.
  • The ideas are come under a topic.So it was called an “Root Topic/Idea”
For example we choose the root topic
"How to start a blog?" .

Options in New Mind Map Page

  • Map Properties
  • Adding Ideas
  • Relating ideas with connection
  • Zoom in/out and Recentering
  • Delete
  • Undo/Redo
  • History view
  • Presentation
  • Export and Print options
Map Properties:
Here we can add ,
1.Title for the mind map
Adding Ideas:
  • We can add "Subtopics" to the Root Topic and here it is called as "ideas".We can add ideas or sub topics by clicking the plus icon in the dashboard
  • We can use shortcut keys to add sub
    topics or ideas. Click the root topic and press the TAB button.These SubTopics are also
    called as "First Level Topics".
  • We can further create sub-ideas from first level ideas. Creating sub-ideas is similar to creating first level ideas.
  • Any sub-ideas can be added to the root topic (if you want it to be first level ideas) you can do it just by dragging near to root topic.
  • Other options to create topics: When you  right-click the cursor , you will get 3 options.
1.Add Topic – Actually a subtopic
2. Add Floating Topic- It is separated from Root Topic.Like another Root Topic.
3. Custmize Map Theme – Helps to change size/colors of font.
Relating ideas with connection:
  • It helps to define the relationship between the ideas.
  • We can mention the relationship with a name and here it is called as “Labels”.
  • We can neatly arrange the relationship with connection lines. And we change the colour of connection line according to our wish.
 Zoom in/out and Recentering :
  • Zoom in/out  is similar to MS Word editing option.
  • Recentering helps to arrange the entire map in a centre position.
Goto Mindmesiter website .[Contains referral link]
History View:
  • History View option helps to view the changes made in mindmap.
  • The changes madewill be shown as Timeline.
  • The History show the changes we made with respect to time .
  • We can go to the previous edits we made.
  • Speed Level Option helps to go the previous revision in slow speed and fast speed.
  • Highlight Option helps to show where we made changes with color.
  • Advanced options helps to find out changes made by admin and other users.It has 2 options.
Filter by User:
We have the option to share the map to other users and some users may have made some changes to
the map and we can find that changes by using this option
Filtere by idea:
It helps to find the text words in the mindmap similar to search box of website/blog.
  • Revert Option helps to save the previous revision made in a new mindmap.

Presentation Option:
  • We can make slideshows for the created ideas similar to Powerpoint Presentation.
  • We have 2 options to make slideshow.1.Auto-create 2.Manual.
  • Auto – create will create slideshow on its own for the mindmaps.
  • Manual method: To do this "Hold the CTRL button"
    and choose a idea. Now the idea will be automatically added to the slide show.
  • Transistion Effect:Like Powerpoint Animation Tool , Mindmeister has transition for slideshows.They are Fast Zoom , Slow Zoom , Pan , Blur.
  • We can export as PPT Format if we have paid plan.In Free plan we can export each slide in PNG format.First Mindmeister will Zip all the slide files as PNG and after that it will export.
  • Goto Mindmesiter website .[Contains referral link]

Menus in Mindmeister

  • Here we can change the text size.
  • We can change the colour of the text.
  • The Style Option helpful to make beautiful outlines for the text and background.
  • We can set the borders for the text.
  • Icons,Images,Videos,Website link can be added to the mindmap.
  • We can add notes to an idea/topic.
  • Wunder note: It will automatically give notes
    for the entered topic or idea.
  • We can comment for the topics and also we can "vote"
  • We can add files from our computer (or) from other platforms [ex:Google Drive].

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