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2.Pricing Plans
5.Email Marketing
7.Landing Pages
9.Forms & Surveys
10.CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Getresponse Introduction


  • GetResponse is an email marketing solution provider.It helps to provide information and to interact more with your subscribers (or) contact.And if it is done properly your subscribers/contacts will be converted to paying customers.
  • Getresponse has the highest possible email deliverability.Thegetresponse platform delivers over 5 billion emails each year in 172 countries. GetResponse is fully scalable and capable of handling both small and very large lists (1+ million subscribers).
  • If you want to check this platform , you have the option to [ try free for 30 days (trial !). No Credit Card Required ! ].

Pricing plans of getreponse







"Refunds: GetResponse is a pay-as-you-go service. Therefore, we do not issue refunds, even if you cancel immediately after your credit card is charged for the new billing period. For example, if we charge your credit card on August 10th, and you cancel your account on August 15th, you are still responsible for paying for the entire month (or year, if you have selected an annual plan.) No subsequent charges are applied to your credit card, but the amounts already charged are not refunded."
You should check this link for further details :  GetResponse refund policy

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Now i am going to shares the features in getresponse .

Getresponse Dashboard


Basic details of Getresponse account dasboard


1.Known as command center because it's a place what you want to do.
2.Acts as interconnectivity between Featues and Functionalities.
3.Features are divided into small features called as modules.Each modules have different tasks (or) different facilities.So it make us feel better on what we are doing now.

Modules (or) Subdivided Features

2.Email marketing
4.Landing pages
6.Forms & surveys

Layout design details of GetResponse-Dashboard

[Made of widgets] + [Our account Details] + [Help/Chat]


1.We can edit widgets on hover -ing and after by clicking settings icon.
2.We can add widgets from "library".Also we can remove widgets.
3.Extra Feature---> Quick Action Widgets

Quick Action Widgets :

1.Create form
2.Create News letter
3.Create Landing Page
4.Add Contacts
5.Create Autoresponder.

GetResponse expert staff is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you maximize your email marketing – and your profits.
Get in touch via phone, email, or live chat. It’s friendly and it’s free!

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Contacts in getresponse is a page (or) space which helps to add contatcts .

Managing options available in contacts space

4.List hygiene
5.Suppression lists
6.Custom fields
7.Import statistics

  • In contacts we can able to create lists which are similar to campaigns in previous getresponse dashboard .
  • You will have a one default list created already for you with your name or email by getresponse.You can change
  • The lists are group of contacts (or) collection of emails. An email can be copied to any lists.
  • Different Lists are created for specific contacts like one list for ebook promotion to specific contacts and another list for promoting a product to specific contacts.Some contacts( people and their email ) may need or going to use both ebook and the product .So they will come in both lists. Using the copy action we can copy and paste contact to any lists.
  • Important Note: Use only small letters while creating name for a list.
  • Adding contacts in list:
  • You can add contacts in 4 ways.
    1. Manually one by one
    2. By uploading a file
    3. By using external services like (zendesk, magento, salesforce, google docs and more)
    4. Copying multiple contacts and pasting in row . (here you have extra option that is you can enter the details of phone number, company name or fax number.). These contacts will be imported  instead of adding. Getresponse will check this details Finally it will be imported this will take less than 2 hours.  Yon can  also see the imported contacts some other details at import statistics.

  • Whenever you click a contact it will automatically go to simple search page.
  • You can modify columns of the contact details in the search page.  Like first displaying the name and the next email address.
  • And here you have to search option.
    1. Simple search - Here you can search contacts by name or email.
    2. Advanced search - Here you can select a particular list. And for that
    Particular list we can  sort further whether it was set to autoresponder settings. And finally you can check the subscription time of that particular list.
    Advanced search also have the condition.
In Advanced search you have the option condition to filter and to get the exact result.     
Available options at condition in Advanced Search
  • Contact details
  • Contact actions
  • Geolocation
  • Scoring
  • Tags
Let we see what each conditions have,

1.Contact details
  • Name
  • Email
  • Custom field
  • Subscription date
  • Subscription method

Now for an example choose contatc details in first column ,after that  choose name .in second column , next choose starts with  in 3rd column. now in 4th column type the letter example a  in the search field.It will load name starting with letter a . Like this the columns will extend more  depending upon the conditions.It’s a huge list so i am sharing first 2 columns.

  • 2.Contact actions
  • Message opened
    Message not opened
    Autoresponder day
    Last autoresponder
    Last newsletter date
    Last click date
    Last open date
    Link clicked
    Link not clicked
    Message sent
    Message not sent
    Bounced Unconfirmed

  • City
    Country code
    Postal code
    DMA Code

  • is less than
    is less than
    is greater than
    is equal to
    is other than
    is less than or equal
    is greater than or equal
    is not assigned

  • 5.Tags
  • is assigned
  • isn’t assigned

Statistics Subscription in Contacts:
  • If you have used google analytics , then this will be looks very easier at the same time very worthable .
  • Because you can watch your subscribers growth in terms chart like view, geographical location of subscribers and more. Also you can filter the chart view like subscribed, not subscribed, list size.
  • Helps to watch in which way you got the subscriber. Whether through Forms,Panel , Landing Page,Email,Import,Leads,API,Forward ,Survey,Mobile and upto you copied and pasted subscriber to another list.
  • This statistics is one part of email marketing but also linked to other modules like contacts and shows graph with its related activity.

List Hygiene

  • It helps to delete contact —"By rule" or “manual” methods.
  • Helps to blacklist spam mails.
  • An example for rule method in list hygiene. Consider you have  a contact in multiple lists (ex:more than 10).Now you want to delete the contact for some reasons.But it is difficult to remove that contact in multiple list.
Suppression Lists
  • Any Inactive contacts in a list can be set to not to get new updates from you but other subscribers  will get the updates.This is the work can do by suppression lists.
  • One important thing you need to be aware in suppressionlists. Considering you have created a suppression list. Now you are sending a newsletter to your subscribers and you are choosing suppression list option before  sending now you can note that the count is not reduced, Don’t consider it.Because the suppression list actullay works.The counting just shows the whole subscribers in that list.

Custom Fields
  • Custom Fields are used in forms.Forms are used to collect subscriber details .Forms are not just only for signups like name and email .It can be used for various purposes .For example if you have laptop related content website you just not endup with simple sighups .And here the custom field comes .You can add another custom  field like radio button whether you have Windows or Apple laptops.
  • Custom fields comes with 2 options. 1.Predefined Custom Fields created by getresponse. 2. Your custom field.Yes you can create on your own.
  • Also check: Onpageseo

Import Statistics
  • We have already discussed in contacts – pasting  multiple contacts in row.


Email marketing

  • It helps to send and manage newsletter , autoresponder to your contacts.

Email marketing features:
  • Newsletters
  • Autoresponders
  • Drafts
  • RSS-to-email
  • Statistics

  • Newsletters are nothing but an email message with neat designed template to share something like it may be an information or product to your contacts.
  • It also helps to keep in touch with your existing subscribers.
  • You can send a newsletter immediately or you can schedule it.
  • You can create newsletter in 2 ways. 1.Drag and Drop email editor by Getresponse. 2. Html Source Editor if you want to create from scratch
  • You can save your newsletter as a template (or) draft.
When you choose drag and drop email editor you need to include give,
1. Message name for list and not for subscribers.
3.Email Address
And goto next step

Available Sections of Predesigned templates of Drag and drop Email editor :
  • Creative AgenciesArts & Entertainment
  • Education
  • Financial
  • ServicesHealth & Beauty
  • Online Marketing
  • Legal Services
  • Non-profits
  • Online Publishing
  • Real EstateRestaurants
  • Fitness and Wellness
  • High Tech
  • Travel
  • Automotive
  • Online Coaching
  • HolidayBirthday
  • Notifications
  • Webinar reminders
  • Webinar invitations
  • Retail & Ecommerce
Drag and Drop Email editor features:

  • It has collections of blocks.You just need to drag and drop in the template. Some of the blocks are
2.Text block
3.image block
4.image and text block
5.text and image block
6.horizontal ruler
8. Webinar
10. Social sharing
11. PayPal
In the drag and drop editor you can change the font font size and colour highlight colour line-height and other options similar to microsoft word.
  • When you finish all the things go to next step Include recepients
Important things you need to consider for creating newsletter:
  • Be sure you are using your owned domain webmail for the sender mail.For example you have domain . If you have webhosting account create webmails like . And try to minimize sender mails from gmail or other mail providers because sometimes it may be considered as spam.
  • While creating newsletter at getresponse ,you should check the spam score is must below 5.Otherwise your message will not be send.
  • Preview newsletter template in mobile format.
  • Also check inbox preview for web-based client , Desktop clients and mobile.If you do this  It will reduce spamscore a little bit.But note that it will take more time to check the preview.Be sure you have good internet speed connection.
Click next step.In the Include Recipients page choose your list which you want to send .You can send message immediately and it will take only one minute time. Another option is scheduling which we can send after some day/week.

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Auto responder:

  • Autoresponders helps to send automatic messages to contacts who made
    subscription in the list.
  • Autoresponders can be sent immediately (or) at regular intervals.
  • You can also set to delay (or) not earlier (or) exact time.
What is the simple difference between autoresponder and newsletter?
  • When you are sending a newsletter as a reply message manually for a user who just subscribed to you through forms or other is newsletter method
  • When the above thing is done automatically [ you already created all things and made pre-defined actions (i.e) to send a reply message.when a user subscribes this precreated work will do it for you even if you went out.  It is auto responder method.
If you can understand scheduling in newsletter , you can understand autoresponder very quickly. At the same time we can do big things with autoresponder while combining with automation workflows.

Drafts: It is same as newsletter creation but finally saving it as a draft.

Rss to email:
  • Rss(Rich Site Summary) to email helps to send your blog/ website updates to your getresponse list contacts by an email. Also you can share the Rss feed to social networks.
  • It can be done by pasting blog/website feed url in  Rss to email page.
  • 30 beautifully predesigned RSS-to-email templates available.
  • You can send updates  immediately or you can further schedule it.

Statistics was already discussed in contacts.


  • The automation all works are done in the workflow.
  • A workflow is a visual representation helps to communicate your subscribers in different conditions.Actually looks like flow-chart.
  • You can tag them like active and inactive users.
  • Automation workflow have the elements in terms of conditions , actions and range.
  • Example: You can set when a newsletter read by first subscriber he will get my giveaway . So this condition also says indirectly that those who read newsletter from 2 to infinty will not get giveaway. I worked similar to this example for my demo video and it worked flawlessly.
  • Sending particular messages when they open your messages.
  • Online course
  • Promotion
Predesigned workflow templates:

It’s your wish start from scratch.At the same time getresponse made templates for you to save the time. Some of them are,

2.Lead qualifying
3.Engagement and retention
5.Abandoned cart
6.Online courses
7.Webinars and events
8.Sales promotions
9.Affiliate marketing
And each have various templates with different rules and conditions.

Available conditions in workflow:

  • If Score condition
  • Message Opened condition
  • Link Clicked condition
  • If Tag condition
  • Purchased condition
  • Cart Abandoned condition
  • Visited URL condition
  • Custom Field condition
Available actions in workflow:
  • Send Message action
  • Score action
  • Tag action
  • Move to Campaign action
  • Copy to Campaign action
  • Custom Field action
  • Wait action
Available filters in workflow:
  • Range filter
  • Amount filter
  • Dynamic Segment filter
  • Campaign filter
My experience with automation workflow:
  • I have created one automation workflow after lot of attempts.Because i am very new to this workflow.At the same time i am happy to get the result at the end.Based on my workflow creation i am sharing some of my points.
  • Each drag and drop blocks are called as Elements. And Each Element have Properties.
  • Most Element has a tick icon [called as “ if yes” connection ] and close icon [called as “ if no” connection ] . Some element has only one tick icon like i have used in automation workflow video.
  • You can connect two elements by dragging a line from first element to second element .Because when you try to drag line from second to first element it will not work.
  • How to disable close icon in an element :Some times you have a element with tick and close icon but you don’t want to use close icon.For this click that element properties and find When to assume the condition wasn’t met and click Never .This will disable the “if no” connection.
  • Very important point in workflow: Sometimes we need to be aware of what we are doing.Otherwise automation will not work. I recommend you to read this Message sent condition in getresponse automation workflow .Now come to our topic in my video i used the condition message sent . To make this whole automation workflow to give result  with the condition message sent we must set scheduling in correct manner . Schedule Time in the newsletter “include recipients” section should be set to less than workflow end time .Be sure you increased  the workflow end time by clicking the automation workflow settings icon. Here i mentioned in terms of hours for my video.
  • You have automation messages in Automation section . It’s not compulsion to create automation messages you can use newsletter , draft or any other and it will become converted automatically to automation messages

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In my video i used the second element “message opened”.

second element


Landing Pages

Landing Page is a single web page .It can be created for PPC ads . In short for advertising and promotional campaigns  landing pages are the best choice . So if you have 1 product and you are using ad promotion to get more sales , landing pages will helps to focus that 1 product for the coming visitors . Because it will not deviate the visitors to go other pages (or) links .

Regarding Price of Landing Pages in Getresponse:
GetResponse FREE trial – allows you to publish one landing page which can be displayed to 1000 visitors. No A/B tests.
GetResponse Email plans – allows you to publish one landing page which can be displayed to 1000 visitors. The counter resets every 30 days. Go to Landing Pages>>Manage landing pages  to track the total number of visitors to your published landing page. If you need to publish more pages and unlock the number of views, you need to upgrade to Landing page add-on which costs $15 per month. No A/B tests.
GetResponse PRO and MAX plans – unlimited landing pages (subject to fair usage policy. See Terms of Service for more details.), with A/B test, no visitors limit, all included in the price .

So , what you should do while creating landing pages?
1.Responsive design
2.Focus on only one product.
3.Add simple and clean signup forms which helps to connect with them future.
4.Add videos and images of that particular product.
5.Add privacy policy link.

What you should not do while creating landing pages?
1.Don’t add links. Whether it’s a home page or about us page or website link , don’t add in landing pages.It will diverge the paths of visitors.
2.Don’t add dropdown menus or navigation menus.

Available Features in Getresponse Landing Pages
  • Creating Landing Pages in Getresponse is similar to newsletter creation Here we can create sections by just drag and drop similar to HTML5 webdesign because landing page will act as a single web page, whereas in newsletter creation there will be blocks.
  • Pre-built Web Forms : This is the power of getresponse drag and drop editor where you can drag and drop a webform which you not need to write even a single piece of code.
  • You can also create Thank you page in landing pages.
  • Whenever you make alterations in landing pages deskop devices, it will automatically alert to adjust the design in mobile devices.
  • No index meta tag - You have seo settings page where you can prevent google index for the landing page using by enabling it .
  • Landing Page URL settings – It has 2 options. 1. Using Getresponse subdomain as URL for the landing page. 2. Using Your own subdomain as URL.
  • All the drag and drop editor things are done in a tab called as variant.
variantHere comes the A/B Testing.With the help of variants you can create different designs for landing page under the tabs like variant1, variant2 and more.A/B will randomly show anyone variant to the visitors.Considering variant2 has more conversion , it will show with trophy icon.And try to impement that variant repeatedly for that product.
  • Analytics and Remarketing: Add google analytics, facebook pixels or other platforms for tracking cpnversion and best performance.
  • Cookies can be set at landing pags which helps to inform prior to visitors that accessing (or) storing informations in their devices.



  • Webinars helps to take seminars (web based i.e online) to your subscribers.
  • Helps to interact more with your subscribers . And also to find out your subscriber needs.
  • One of the best way to convert your readers into buying customers.
Webinar settings:
1.Getresponse will automatically generate a link [called as Webinar URL]to host webinar.
2. You can set the starting time for webinar.
3. You can set whether registration is required or not to join the webinar.
4. You can send reminders for the webinar.
5. You can create invitation message for subscribers similar to Newsletters creation.

Webinar room dashboard:
1.You can select your preferred room layout. You can show single window or multiple Windows. Here we have the windows are for Presentation , Video chat , Mini chat , Video and Text , Attendees list.
2. You can check internet connection status whether it is strong or weak.
3. You can enable full screen window.
4. Organiser has the option to lock the webinar room for the delayed participants.And he can unlock them at any time.

Sharing options for the presenter/organizer side:

1. Presentation - You can upload files maximum upto 50 MB. It has some annotation tools. You can hide slides for participants.
2.Whiteboard - It has 6 basic tools.
2.1 Select tool helps to select an object and to edit it. Select tool have another option. Select tool with organiser name.This tool display Select tool with organiser name at participant side.
2.2 Pencil tool helps to draw and write basic things. It has another option which create shapes based on your drawings.
2.3 Eraser tool .
2.4 Uploading files
2.5 Shapes - Rectangle, Circle, Line, Arrow.
2.6 Text tools
3.Desktop - First you need to download and install a software. Online Meetings is the name of the software. The size of the software is around 12 MB. This desktop sharing application helps to record and show desktop screens. The organiser have the option to give screen control to any participants. Chat option is also available.
4.YouTube - You can show YouTube videos in the webinar room. Just enter the name of the video in the YouTube search
5.Survey& Polls - in the webinar room itself you can ask the participants to participate in polls and surveys. We can ask the questions in single choice or multiple choice or an answer.

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Forms and Surveys

Forms are useful signup box where we can collect contacts.We just need to copy the javascript code and paste it in website. We can also use getresponse to host the form.  Getresponse they provided forms in 4 ways.
  • List Builder Wizard
  • List Builder Apps
  • Plain HTML
  • Integrations
List Builder Wizard
List builder wizard comes with predesigned templates, predesigned formats.
Some of the predesigned templates are,

1.Newsletter sign-up
2.Free course sign-up
3.Event sign-up
4.Free download
5.Leave feedback
9.Ask a question

Some of the predesigned formats are,
1.Side column 220px x 300px
2.Wide 460px x 250px
3.Wider 700px x 200px
4.Max 940px x 150px
5.Square 460px x 460px

What you can add/change in a selected form?
We have given 3 options. To use the options we first select a form and you need to make click on it.
1.Adding Fields – We can add predefined fields , custom fields created by us , and basic elements like text , image and divider.

2.Layout – Here we can able to change the form width. Spacing option available which comes under Form properties.
  • Another is Display properties where you can set how to display the form in site. It has 3 options Embedding , Popover and Scroll 

3.Style – You can design the forms with various options.
  • One thing which looks nice here you can change value of the radius of 4 sides using unlock option.If you lock a chage in value automatically that value will comes for other 3 sides.
  • Also you can give shadow to the form with your desired colour.
  • Blur options is also available.
List Builder Apps
List builder Apps are just sign-up box which have different facilities with special effects which makes more attention  to the subscribers.

1.Download Box
This form will give file to subscribers after finishing sign up. You just need to enter the File URL in the settings option.
2.Fixed bar
Fixed bar app is fixed to the top or bottom edge of the browser window .
3.Image box
Image box app displays a sign-up form with an image. Adding image will increases attention to the visitor . Some will use their website logo which will give more professional look.
4.List Builder Box
List Builder Box app is similar to image box app but with one difference.Here will be no image. This box contains  fields for name and email address .

5.Exit Popup
Exit Popup app appears when a visitor tries to go away from the page.
6.Scroll form
The Scroll form pops over the website either right sideor left side as the visitor scrolls.
7.Shake box
Shake box, will make animation to the form while it displays.

Plain HTML
We can also create forms starting from scratch in this area.

We can collect our news subscribers through various networks.They are
1.Facebook Web Form
3.Presta Shop
4.Joomla Integration
5.WooCommerce Plugin
6.Drupal Integration


CRM – Customer Relationship Management

1. CRM is interacting and managing with potential subscibers who will become buying customers in a visual method..
2.It can be done with a visual representation of sale process called pipelines.
3. In pipeline , you can put customers in different blocks like “he will buy” and “he will not buy” called here as stages.
  • There are 2 Stage Types,
3.1.Open Type - In Open type there will be 2 Default Open Stages. You Can Add Many Open Stages
3.2.Closed Type – In Closed type there will be 2 Default Closed Stages Available. "Only One" Extra Closed Stage Can Be Created.
.4. You can create deals in each stage. Actually adding Contacts are called as deals here.Because some of them going to be your customers.
Important thing we should consider while creating a deal is mentioning the Close Date.We can also mention value for the deals in different currency formats.
4.1 If you are a team you can set a person as manager name for particular deal or contact.
5. We can edit contacts individually in pipeline where deals can import and edit single (or) multiple contacts.
5.1 While editing contacts individually we can set some actions like we need to contact this user through email , call , meeting through a particular date. Yes we can schedule the date.
5.2 You can also use comment in individual contact editing
6.When the close date finishes, it will show alert in dashboard.Depending on the purchase made or not you should move that deal/contact to Won (or) Lost in the closed stage.

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