AOMEI Partition Assistant Review - An Excellent Alternative to Windows Disk Management

Partition is an important part of computer. We store data in partition. After the first time installed system, usually we have to partition the hard disk. A hard disk will be split to system partition and data partition. Because partition is used to save files. It will be full someday. When a data partition is full, we can store in another data partition. However, when a system partition is full, we are in serioustrouble.
Windows Disk Management program is a built-in partition tool, which can help you extend partition, shrink partition, etc. However, these operations are work on data partition generally. When you want to resize system partition, you will find the options are gray and you can do nothing. To solve this problem, we need third-party partition software. AOMEI Partition Assistant is such a tool, it breaks through many limitations of Windows programs.
How does AOMEI Partition Assistant works?
Download AOMEI Partition Assistant from the official site, install and run. You can see its most functions are on the main interface. Besides these, there are other operations from context menu or top menu.
To change partition size, you can choose resize partition, move partition, merge partitions, split partition, allocate free space and extend partition wizard. Wizards also include Windows to Go creator, migrate OS to SSD, make bootable media.
AOMEI Partition Assistant provides copy features: clone hard disk and partition, sector by sector copy. Basic disk operations are check bad sectors, delete all partitions, rebuild MBR, initialize disk, disk properties. Basic partition operations are partition recovery, command line partitioning, quick partition, create partition, delete partition, format partition, check errors, change drive letter, volume label, partition properties. Disk conversions are convert dynamic to basic, convert between GPT and MBR. Partition conversions are convert between FAT and NTFS, convert between primary and logical partition. AOMEI Partition has other practical functions like: align partition, wipe disk, wipe partition, hide/unhide partition, set active partition, change partition type ID and serial number.
Final words
AOMEI Partition Assistant has more functions than Windows Disk Management and is more powerful than it. With the help of AOMEI Partition Assistant, you can optimize your system and optimize your life better. For most people, the freeware AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard will satisfy their needs.

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