AOMEI OneKey Recovery Review - One Click Backup & Restore System

How to backup quickly? You can only select backup important things, such as system. And the lighter backup tool is, the faster backup process will be. Some brand computer has built-in lighter backup program for backing up system. They often called one key or one click backup software. For example, Lenovo OneKey Recovery. Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer all have their own integrated backup tool.
Why need AOMEI OneKey Recovery?
However, what should you do if your machines are DIY? You can’t enjoy the brand official backup program, but you can use third-party backup software. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a good choice. AOMEI is the company’s name, OneKey Recovery shows its feature. Use third-party one click recovery software has many advantages. You can install it on any computers. Even though you re-install the system, re-partition the hard disk, AOMEI OneKey Recovery still will work fine.
AOMEI OneKey Recovery is simple to use. Two buttons are clear at a glance. The theme is similar to other AOMEI products, especially full scale backup utility - AOMEI Backupper. On the main screen, left is backup, right is recovery. The free edition has no extra options. Backup is easy to set and commit. When come to restore, by pressing "F11" (default) or "A" key during computer startup is OK.
More about AOMEI OneKey Recovery
Free edition of AOMEI OneKey Recovery only works for Windows PC, if you use Windows Server, you should try Family and Customization editions. If you want to backup system to other location, change the compression level of the backup, enable encryption for the backup, restore system from local disk or external disk, restore system by selecting an image file, set prompt time interval during startupmanually, hide the notice info at boot, you should choose other paid editions. Technician edition supports unlimited PCs. Customization edition even supports customizing logo,UI and rebranding.

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